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How Liz Earle folk celebrate Christmas


Everyone has a Christmas ritual, whether you realise it or not. Maybe it’s spending the day in your pyjamas, or mucking in to help others less fortunate than yourself. As a team, our traditions are as diverse as we are. But one thing unites them all. At this time of year, spending precious time with people we love is invaluable (even if that does means donning your welly boots or tuning up with a Welsh male voice choir).




Amy, Studio Assets Manager

“Living on the family dairy farm means Christmas Day is business as usual.  The cows still need to be milked and fed, and we may even have a new born  calf that makes a Christmas Day appearance! We all get stuck in to the farm  chores in the daytime around Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts. But  my favourite part of the day is the evening when (hopefully) all the farm work  is done, the cows are bedded down for the night and we can relax as a family  in front of the fire watching a Christmas classic.”







Julia, Global Brand Director

“Every year I do a Christmas cleanse – and I’m not talking about the literal  kind! I love my job, but it can be full on and my schedule leaves little time  for family and friends. Over the festive period spending time with them  literally cleanses my mind so I can refocus on what’s important and ultimately,  why I work so hard. This starts with taking my godson to the local pantomime,  attending the village nativity play, and ultimately preparing to cook for everyone  in my family! Although I take less literal care over my skin at Christmastime,  I always look my best because I’m at my most content.”






Leighton, Head of Creative

“I’m a huge foodie, so on Christmas Eve I get up super early for a last-minute  dash to my favourite farm shops − the island is a treasure trove of independent  producers including my favourites Farmer Jacks, Isle of Wight Cheese Company  and The Garlic Farm − to make sure we have the freshest produce possible. Then  in the evening we host an open house for friends and neighbours serving up my  signature sticky sausages and festive negronis. We also put some locally-made  fudge under the tree as gifts for our guests.”







Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador 

“Christmas in my family has always been about fun, laughter and general craziness  – for the adults as well as children. It’s such a wonderful time to unwind together  and celebrate family love. For me, this year is especially big as it will be my first  without my beloved father, who died very recently. Thankfully, my amazing Mummy  and my two wonderful children (littlest pictured here with Grannie) keep me going.  Thinking of all of you for whom Christmas brings a little something under the joyful  surface. Love and family is what gets you through.”






Jenn, Head of Gifting

“This will be our first Christmas with our daughter Bronwen who was born earlier  this year and I can’t wait to introduce her to all the different traditions that our  family, which spans the globe, will bring. Everything from my famous American  stuffing recipe, to traditional Welsh singing on Christmas Day with my husband’s  family. But what I’m looking forward to most of all is creating some new traditions  with her that we can cherish in the years to come.”







Sandra, Customer Advisor

“On Christmas Eve we invite family and friends over that we won’t otherwise  get to see over the busy Christmas period. We lay on festive food and drinks  and just generally enjoy socialising with some lovely people. Among the Christmas music and chatter we also have fun ‘Tracking Santa’ – it’s an online  tool that means you can track where in the world Santa (aka Father Christmas)  is delivering his presents. It’s great for the children to see whereabouts he is  and the closer he gets, the easier it is to shoehorn them into bed before he  arrives near the Isle of Wight!”




Milla, Head of Facial Skincare

“It’s a family Christmas tradition to go to the ballet − this year’s being the  English National Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker with my niece and  my brother. It always feels like a very special Christmas event and such a treat.  From the costumes, to set design and the incredible talent of the dancers and  orchestra, it makes for a truly magical evening, taking you away from reality  and into a fantasy world of The Nutcracker! My favourite scene is the group  Sugar Plum Fairy dance, when it starts to snow over the dancers performing  the most beautiful ballet – I could watch it over and over again. I feel so  Christmassy after this incredible show at The Coliseum, truly ready for the  season’s festivities to begin!”





How are you planning to celebrate Christmas? We love nothing better than hearing your stories, so why not email your favourite festive traditions to us at


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