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Relax and recharge

My Weekend Edition comes to you from Byron Bay, Australia where I’m taking some time out to further my yoga studies. Yes, the sunshine helps, but you don’t need an exotic holiday to supercharge your detox. Getting naturally active is one way to boost your energy levels, while clearing away mental clutter can have an equally positive effect, increasing your focus and clarity. Follow these simple tips, along with a healthy, balanced diet, and you’ll soon feel your energy levels soar!

Do the twist

Twists are my favourite yoga poses. They have a naturally detoxifying effect, gently stimulating the internal organs to help flush away toxins. Every morning, before you get out of bed, take a moment to hug your knees in, then release them over to the right while you ground both shoulders down into the mattress. Take a deep breath in this position, then repeat taking your knees over to the left.

Upgrade your sleep

A good night’s rest is my beauty holy grail, especially with the 5am calls on my yoga course! For better sleep, which naturally aids the cleansing process, take a digital detox at least one hour before bedtime and ban anything with a screen from your bedroom. For an extra dose of calm, massage our Superskin™ Concentrate over a cleansed face before lights out and breathe in the heavenly aroma.

Boost your body’s natural detox

I can’t stress enough how important it is to put our health first, but as a busy working mum who’s constantly juggling a packed schedule, sometimes it’s difficult to find that balance. That’s why my Weekend Edition reflects the small, attainable tweaks you can easily adopt into your own busy schedule to boost your inner and outer radiance, one day at a time.

Walk tall

It sounds simple but improving your posture can have huge benefits on the body. Sitting straight and walking tall (as if someone were pulling on a thread attached to the top of your head) nurtures more efficient breathing, which in turn floods the body with oxygen for a naturally healthy glow.

Morning ritual

Make dry body brushing your 2-minute morning ritual. As well as stimulating your lymph system and the natural cleansing process, it exfoliates dead cells so your skin feels soft and smooth. To learn the perfect body brushing technique, watch my helpful how-to video here.

Embrace the power of nature

As a botanist I often witness the transformational power of nature, clearing the old to make way for the new. It’s exactly the same in life. By removing the elements of your daily routine that no longer serve you, you’ll cultivate greater energy, a calmer mind and positive changes to your physical wellbeing. My Weekend Edition is all about discovering a new, natural sense of balance and focus. Practise my tips below and you’ll soon reap the benefits, I promise!

Purify with plants

The elegant peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is proven to be particularly effective at removing toxins from your surroundings. They’re widely available from supermarkets and garden centres, so pop one on your desk, or the kitchen counter, for the natural gift of cleaner, filtered air. It’ll also help you feel more connected to nature, even if you’re stuck indoors at this time of year.

Grow your glow

Growing your own beauty patch is not only rewarding, it helps to get you naturally active in the garden. Eucalyptus – a hero ingredient in our iconic Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser – can thrive even in the British climate. Steep a handful of leaves in hot water and use as a clarifying facial steam to help open pores and clear congestion.

Has the festive season left you looking and feeling frazzled? Then the Cleanse & Detox 28-day plan arrives at just the right time. Over the coming weeks, look out for daily tips and inspiring ideas from us on Facebook and Twitter on how to achieve greater energy, a calmer mind and more radiant skin. And remember to share your journey too by tagging #CleanseAndDetox.

To kick-start your journey, we’ve put together the brand new Cleanse & Detox Skincare Kit – a complexion-boosting trio which work in botanical harmony to revive your radiance day after day. Just what jaded January skin has been waiting for…

Your Cleanse & Detox Skincare kit Decoded

Step 1

The daily skin detox
Cleanse, soothe and brighten your complexion with our iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Harnessing the power of naturally active botanicals and a radiance-boosting pure muslin cloth, it’s a daily detox for your skin.

Step 2

The instant skin smoother
Reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion with our Gentle Facial Exfoliator. Formulated with spherical jojoba beads in rich cocoa butter base, it gentle yet effectively buffs away any dulling dead skin cells.

Step 3

The trouble-shooting treatment
Add your favourite trouble-shooting treatment mask. Choose from either our purifying Deep Cleansing Mask, our soothing Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, or our Brightening Treatment Mask to boost a lacklustre complexion.


A radiant start

Welcome to a brand new year, full of radiant promise. I’m delighted to be sharing my wellbeing wisdom on how to achieve a visibly healthy glow from the inside out this January. To get you started, I’ve chose my favourite tried and trusted ‘clean’ eating tips and recipes to help you detox your plate naturally. They’ll help to nurture your body and boost energy levels so you can look forward to a radiant new you!

Clean & Green

This recipe from my brand new book Juice (£14.99, Kyle Books) includes chlorella powder, a nutritional powerhouse made from green algae which helps to detox the skin from within. Chlorella powder can be found in most health stores. Simply juice together 1 peeled pink grapefruit, 3 handfuls of spinach, 3 asparagus spears and 2 celery stalks, then stir in 1/2 teaspoon of chlorella powder, mixing well to ensure it’s fully absorbed into the juice. Make one a day and sip slowly.

Berry nice

Supercharge your breakfast with detox-friendly fruits. Antioxidant-rich berries are delicious sprinkled over muesli or natural yoghurt and an easy way to up your raw food intake. Pomegranate – one of the key ingredients in our Superskin Moisturiser will add natural sweetness to your bowl, while also feeding the skin with natural goodness to boost your inner glow. The seeds also make a tasty, nutritious snack when dried.

Cleanse & Detox – Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily tips and inspiring new ideas to keep you motivated on your Cleanse & Detox journey… and share your progress too by tagging #CleanseAndDetox

Christmas is here!

In the Christmas countdown, enjoy my top wellbeing tips to keep calm during this busy time. Make a final to-do list, then realistically review and cross-off all the non-essentials – less pressure to do it all means more enjoyment and time to spend with family and friends. As this is the last Weekend Edition before the festivities begin, I’d also like to wish you all a radiantly happy and healthy Christmas. Remember if you still haven’t purchased all your gifts yet, our last chance for Christmas delivery is Sunday 21st December.


It’s official! Research shows we can all boost our mood and improve our health by singing along to some top Christmas tunes, whether it’s joining in with some classic tracks from The Rat Pack or enjoying some traditional community carol singing. I’ve included my personal all-time top Christmas hits in my digital magazine, Liz Earle Wellbeing. Download from Zinio (for all devices), Apple or Amazon, all for £2.99.

Party fare

When hosting, I try not to spend too much of my time in the kitchen away from our guests. That’s why my favourite party food recipes are quick and easy to prepare, and of course, full of natural goodness too. Go for feel-good treats such as protein-packed quail’s eggs sprinkled with celery salt, or mega 3-rich smoked salmon on bite-size buckwheat blinis. You’ll find plenty of simple canape recipes in Liz Eearle Wellbeing magazine.

It’s the little things

Giving gifts you personally love and want to share always goes down well, and often the best gifts come in small packages. The family piling into the bedroom and opening their tissue-wrapped stocking fillers is a highlight of the big day for me. You’ll find my favourite wellbeing stocking fillers here, including a multi-tasking pot of winter loving Superbalm.

Wishing you a merry Christmas


Singing for a good cause

One of my favourite outings of the season is to our local carol concert on Christmas Eve. Each year, Liz and her LiveTwice charity team host a fabulous candlelit advent evening too. This year’s takes place in London on 4th December and proceeds will go directly to Community Kids Clubs run by HOPEHIV in Kenya. A limited number of tickets are available. Please visit the LiveTwice website for details. 

Personalise your presents

I love adding little extras to my Christmas gifts to give them a botanical beauty boost. With gloves, I tuck in a luxurious Hand Repair or conditioning Superbalm, or I make woolly winter socks a little more pampering by pairing them with our soothing Foot Repair Moisturiser. This year, I’m treating a loved one to a cosy new dressing gown with our Superskin™ Body Cream wrapped up inside as an extra layer of luxury!

Get crafty this Christmas

Crafting your own Christmas decorations is a great way to save the pennies and helps me get into the festive spirit – my two girls love being involved too! One of our favourite festive traditions is to make our own Christmas crackers, each with a mini handpicked gift hidden inside. To delight my beauty-loving friends and family, I pop in a treat-size botanical beauty favourite, or a Strengthening Nail Colour 12ml in our gloriously festive Golden Celebration shade.

Holiday helping hand

I’ve worked with Liz for the past 15 years and she really does live and breathe good health, in a positive, natural and inspiring way. As many of you will already know, Liz’s website is a wonderful resource for trusted tips and delicious recipes. This weekend, I’ll be downloading the new Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine. This Christmas Edition is packed with expert and lovingly thought-through tips and traditions (recipes, decorations, crafting, gifting), and even an energy-recharging New Year plan.

My favourite winter warmer

I spend half my time outdoors, even in the winter, so I’m always thinking up new and warming creations to pack into a flask. My latest wonder is this hot smoothie. Not only is it an easy way to pack an antioxidant punch into your diet, by warming the ingredients, it may even improve the availability of their nutrients. Soak half a cup of dried elderberries – famed for their anti-viral properties and available online – in hot water to rehydrate, then mix with one cup of blueberries, two cups of freshly-brewed green tea, two tablespoons of elderflower cordial, a thumb-size piece of ginger and half a Bramley apple. Leave to steep for five minutes, then blend together for a deliciously warming immune-boosting cup.

Plan next year’s planting

Seed catalogues seem to be dropping through my letterbox on an almost daily basis. It may seem like ages away, but by planning out and ordering the seeds now, you’ll avoid a mad panic when March rolls around. Even a small patch or a windowsill wildflower garden will attract a steady stream of bees and butterflies once the weather warms up, helping to pollinate your garden and add to local honey stocks too.

Seasonalise your salad

Rethink the way you prepare hardy vegetables like kale and chard and use them raw in a winter salad instead. The vitamin C content of leafy greens depletes with heat so by consuming in their raw state, you’ll maximise their nutritional value. Add extra flavour and warmth with roasted tomatoes, crispy bacon and caramelised onions. Then dress with metabolism boosting apple cider vinegar and unfiltered olive oil. Who said a salad couldn’t be comfort food?

A naturally calming centrepiece

This festive season, instead of the requisite poinsettia on your mantelpiece, consider a hoop of indoor jasmine. Not only do the elegant white flowers make a beautiful seasonal centrepiece, according to research the chemical compound released in jasmine’s scent may even have an anti-anxiety effect, helping to keep you calm when all around you is in chaos!

Pure plant power

As winter approaches, it’s more important than ever to add pure plant oils into our beauty regime. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and easily absorbed, plant oils form a layer of nourishment. One of my all-time favourites is organic rosehip oil. Rich in potent plant sterols to help smooth and soften dry skin, it’s one of the star ingredients in Superskin™ Moisturiser and Superskin™ Concentrate – the perfect nurturing duo.

Love your lips

Cold winds outside and central heating inside have a very dehydrating effect on the lips. The skin here is some of the thinnest on the body with no sebum-producing oil glands to help protect it. If you’re suffering, a cause of this could be low levels of vitamin B. I’m also never without a pocket-sized pot of Superbalm™, rich in nourishing natural plant waxes. For more good-to-know lip tips visit Liz Earle Wellbeing.

Essential oils 

My first ever book Vital Oils highlighted the importance of natural oils in our diet, as well as our skincare. We’re much more familiar now with the health benefits of fish oils to promote a healthy heart and brain function, we’re also more savvy about healthy vegetable oils for cooking. My current favourites are cold-pressed olive oil for dressings and British-grown cold-pressed rapeseed oil for frying or roasting – learn more about their benefits at Liz Earle Wellbeing.

Super natural warmth

I’m so pleased to see Great British wool having a fashion moment once again. As a sheep farmer, I know first hand how important it is to support our local industries and what better way to keep warm naturally than by wrapping up in a cosy knitted sweater? As well as magically soft lamb’s wool, I’m a fan of alpaca wool and the Island’s own West Wight Alpacas create some of the most beautiful yarn for hand-knitting.

Have a great weekend,

Liz Earle

Best friends, co-authors of The Perfume Bible and acclaimed fragrance experts, Lorna McKay and Josephine Fairley are what you might call perfume professionals (Lorna even helped us develop all three of our Botanical Essence fine fragrances).

Both tell us Botanical Essence No.100 is one of their favourite Liz Earle fragrances, so what is it exactly that’s managed to capture the imaginations of two women who smell perfume for a living? Below, they share their fragrant musings about the comeback of a modern classic in the making. To find out more about the power of perfume, visit their website at

Sum up No.100 in two lines for somebody who’s never experienced it…

Josephine: It’s a good mood in a bottle which is probably due to genuinely high quality of the natural ingredients at its heart. I’d describe the scent as ‘sunny’ but despite such freshness, it genuinely lasts and lasts.

Lorna: Quite simply, wearing this scent recreates the same joy and sunshine I feel when I walk into a British florist’s shop. I’m delighted I can stop stockpiling the fragrance now it’s no longer a limited edition!

What makes No.100 totally unique?

Josephine: No.100 is an extension of my love affair with Liz Earle’s skincare, so it was always going to have a place on my dressing table next to my beloved Superskin™ Moisturiser (because a bathroom’s actually the worst place to keep perfume, with all those temperature changes!). Liz and I have become great friends over the years and I know she’s a perfectionist who would never put her name to something she didn’t believe in 1000% (yes, that’s a thousand!).

Lorna: Quality, quality and quality, as well as exceptional value for money. Creating a floral fragrance with 89% natural ingredients is no mean feat, but the craftsmanship of its talented Master Perfumer, Alienor Massenet, quite brilliantly succeeded at the challenge.

Explain why No.100 wows so many different woman…

Josephine: It’s a real crowd-pleaser perfume because you can wear it whenever, wherever – it’s defiantly ‘there’, but never overwhelms. I’ve given it to all sorts of friends who I’ve been unsure of, fragrance-wise, because I’ve barely met anyone who doesn’t love it and enjoy wearing it. Women often tell that when they’re wearing No.100, lots of other people ask what they’re wearing – and that’s always a good sign.

Lorna: Because the blend has such a high percentage of natural ingredients, it unfolds differently on everyone – so you’re giving the gift a signature scent that’s completely personal to the wearer. It’s uplifting, nature also makes it completely ageless – whether you’re 19 or 90, people need a little extra boost on occasions.