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It’s the busiest week of my entire year, but one I look forward to immensely. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is an Ethnobotanist’s dream – there’s just so much colour and texture to take in! But let’s not forget these few days are the culmination of months of backbreaking work for the gardeners and growers involved. I know from experience they’ll be looking forward to a well-deserved dose of TLC this weekend, luckily my new handcare kit is just the job.

Top growers’ tip

Chelsea isn’t just about flowers. I’ve loved checking out the medal-winning edibles on show too. If you’re growing tender vegetables like courgettes and tomatoes, ‘hardening them off’ can reduce the shock of their transition from the cosy indoors to the outside world. To do this, place pots outside in the day, then bring them back in each night to slowly acclimatise them to outdoor conditions.

For more tasty tips, check out my new book, Grow for Flavour – available to buy at your local book store.

Our floral tribute

Our Duke of York Square flagship store is a stone’s throw from the showground. As part of the annual Chelsea in Bloom competition, we’ve transformed our storefront into a Secret Garden with a wash of pretty pastel flowers and aromatic herbs. If you’re visiting Chelsea this weekend, be sure to pop by and say hello!

A helping hand

Tending the garden is great for the soul, but it can really take a toll on your hands. My new Helping Hand Collection, £33.00, contains our nourishing Hand Repair™, revitalising Orange Flower Hand Wash, intensive  Superbalm™ and luxurious Superskin™ Hand Serum, to transform dry skin and return hard-working hands back to their former glory. But order now, it’s only available until this Sunday 24th May.

“Being a gardener doesn’t mean you have to have gardeners’ hands. My Helping Hand Collection will keep your green fingers perfectly soft and smooth, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.” – James Wong x

Posted by James on May 22nd, 2015
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As fresh mornings turn into sunny afternoons, you have to be extra vigilant to keep skin hydrated. More time outdoors equals greater exposure to UV and pollution, which can result in a dull complexion. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to rehydrate – whether it’s upping your intake of essential fatty acides (think avocados and oily fish), or upgrading your skincare routine with our brand new Thirsty Skin Quenchers and my expert tips…

Drink plenty of thirst-quenching raw coconut water

Sunshine saviour

I regularly see the effects of time spent in the sun when clients visit me for a treatment. Whether you’re enjoying the weather here, or further afield, be sure to top up moisture levels with replenishing body moisturiser after your evening shower. Our Botanical Aftersun Gel, included in our new Thirsty Skin Quenchers, contains 92% natural aloe vera – nature’s mega hydrator – to ensure your skin stays ultra-soft and supple.

Store in the fridge for extra cooling ‘ahhh’ factor

Tone smart

Toners made with alcohol can be harsh and leave skin feeling tight. Instead, choose an alcohol-free formula like our heavenly-scented Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic and use it post-cleanse to better prep your skin for moisturiser, or mist over your face throughout the day as an instantly soothing moisture veil.

Pat gently onto cleansed skin to boost absorption

Power of three

Feeling the effects of the spring sunshine? Our new collection of Thirsty Skin Quenchers is the perfect antidote to parched skin. Alongside our hydrating Botanical Aftersun Gel 200ml and replenishing Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic spritzer 30ml, you’ll find our refreshing Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion 150ml, formulated with a blend of gentle herbal extracts to gently calm and rehydrate the delicate eye area. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll save over £10.00** when you buy the collection for £24.00 before Sunday 17th May.

Posted by Abigail on May 15th, 2015
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Often, my clients pop in to seek a small escape from their world of work while they have their treatment. Being a facialist, I love having the power to restore their sense of equilibrium, however, I often see the signs of a lack of workplace wellbeing on my treatment table. Be it dehydration of the skin during a facial, stress or simply bad posture during a massage.

Maintaining good posture is something that’s so easily neglected, especially while under pressure and at the mercy of long hours. Try out my easy-to-follow, quick tips to decrease your chances of back pain in seconds.

  • Sitting straight and tall (just imagine a taut thread reaching from your head to the ceiling) engages your abdominal muscles, which in turn protect your back.
  • Mindful sitting also encourages more efficient breathing, increasing your oxygen intake which will help you feel more alert and productive.

Using a computer or laptop for an extended period of time can cause eye strain, headaches and even blurred vision, which means it’s incredibly important to look after your eye health while at work. After all, we’ve all heard the age-old adage that watching too much television will make our eyes square…

  • To keep your eyes from getting tired, it’s a good idea to ensure you give them a break from the screen every 2 hours for approximately 15 minutes. Get up and make a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea or get away from your desk and go for a quick walk.
  • For extra soothing power, why not keep a bottle of Eyebright™ on your desk for a screen-break treat?

Office air-con is a major beauty culprit. The skin is your body’s largest organ, acting as our protective coating and dealing with a lot of things, from central heating to air conditioning and varying weather conditions. Get around that tight skin feeling by following my tips below.

  • Hydration is key to helping your skin feel healthy, so keep a glass of water on your desk − you’ll be amazed how much more you’ll drink if it’s there. Keeping your body hydrated from the inside will show on the outside too.
  • If your skin feels dry and itchy, a spritz of Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic can help restore harmony and deliver an invigorating burst of freshness.

Feeling good at work doesn’t begin and end in the office. Even just making time to catch up with your girlfriends, or join in a gym class, will make a world of difference to your productivity once you’re back at your desk.

  • Be sure to make time for yourself and do what you enjoy, whether it be a walk, a bath or a film.
  • When at the office, keep your workspace clutter-free. Calm surroundings nurture a calm mind.

We all know how easy it is to fall into the groove of grabbing a take-away coffee each morning. Unfortunately, many people will find that this ‘quick and easy’ approach to the work lifestyle conflicts with their sense of wellbeing.

  • Stuck in a rut with unhealthy snacks? Keeping some nuts in your drawer and an apple on your desk will make it much easier to reach for the right options.
  • There’s no need to spend a fortune on a sandwich. Why not make your own lunch at home – it makes it far easier to prepare healthy food, plus your wallet will thank you!

I hope my workplace wellbeing tips will help bring a little calm to your 9-5.

Posted by Abigail on April 29th, 2015
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In such a busy world, I treasure the family time we spend together while the girls are on school holidays, but when term starts again, it’s always a gentle reminder to take some time out for myself. As well as making sure we’re all ready to resume our normal Monday to Friday routine, this weekend I’ll also be indulging in a little me-time, with the help of our new deluxe duos, to make sure I’m feeling radiant and ready to return to real life.

My skin superheroes 

I’m honestly not sure what I did before Superskin™ – the unfragranced moisturiser is my little pot of everyday luxury, and I just don’t feel right if I haven’t massaged a few drops of aromatic Superskin Concentrate onto my face after cleansing at night. If you still haven’t tried our supercharged skin duo, our Superskin™ Concentrate 10ml rollerball (worth £21.00) is now absolutely free when you buy any Superskin™ Moisturiser 50ml before this Sunday, 19th April – so there’s really never been a better time to experience the magic!

Showertime upgrade

After months under wraps in jeans and jumpers, my skin is finally starting to emerge as the weather warms up. Now is the perfect time to rethink your bodycare routine and indulge the rest of your skin with the same VIP treatment as your face. That’s why I’m over the moon about our Indulgent Body Duo – order any matching Creamy Shower Nectar and Silky Body Lotion for just £19.50 and save over 30%! My favourite is the warm, comforting Vanilla & Saffron, though I’ll stock up on the others as gifts for friends.

Cool it!

Hooray, the sun is finally shining! Be sure to always have our Botanical Aftersun Gel to hand to help soothe skin if it’s caught a little bit too much sun. For extra cooling power, keep it chilled in your fridge – it’s also great on hot nights!

Posted by Caroline on April 17th, 2015
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Starting afresh

I adore spring – the season for fresh ideas, when nature comes into its own. It’s an important time in beauty too, when experts make their all-important predictions for the season ahead. I loved learning about the latest haircare trends this week from top celebrity hairstylist, Johnnie Sapong (pictured here with me and our Ethnobotanist, James Wong), at the launch of the new-look Botanical Shine™ haircare range. It’s great to meet people who share my passion for botanicals!

Spring skin

Why not take a moment this weekend to reveal some extra springtime radiance? It’s the perfect time to smooth away any dry winter skin cells. I’m a big fan of buffing my skin with Gentle Face Exfoliator – the free gift with this month’s skincare essentials. I use it on my face, neck and even the back of my hands! You’ll find my other favourite top-to-toe spring skin tips here.

Tip  – Mix Gentle Face Exfoliator with one pump of Cleanse & Polish™ for daily buffing.

Inner beauty

Your body will enjoy a spring clean from the inside too – look no further than your back garden for help. Spring nettles are great for detoxing, either in a tea or in this quick and easy nettle pesto taken from my digital magazine – the recipe can also be found at Just make sure you wear gloves when harvesting them! For more great ways to cleanse from inside, read my Quick Guide to Detox ebook, available to download here.

Household hero 

If you’re planning to spring clean your home too, don’t forget that botanicals make brilliant natural household cleansers. I love these natural surface cleansers made with clear vinegar, lemon, orange and fresh sage – just one of several eco-friendly cleaning ideas you’ll find in the spring edition of Liz Earle Wellbeing, my digital magazine. They work really well and smell amazing too!

Download the latest issue of my magazine from Zinio, Apple or Amazon, for £2.99.

Help us win! 

Calling all Botanical Essence™ No.100 fans – the fabulously-floral scent you love has been nominated for’s The People’s Choice Award 2015 in partnership with The Fragrance Foundation. We all know it’s a winning scent, so why not cast your vote now.

Posted by Liz on April 10th, 2015
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Happy bank holiday 

We’ve made it through the winter to our first bank holiday of 2015! It’s the perfect time to look for simple ways to lead a happier, healthier life – whether it’s easy eating tweaks or practical tools to help improve your headspace. So, with a four-day weekend on the horizon, what better opportunity to work on a few small changes on your own mini weekend retreat? Whether you’re staying at home or heading further afield this bank holiday, these easy tips are guaranteed to get you glowing from the inside out!

Time for a #positivechange?

Take a few minutes every morning, before you get out of bed, to set up a positive thought or intention and try to keep that thought in mind for the rest of the day. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make, not just to yourself, but others around you! If you’re stuck for inspiration, you’ll find some great ideas online here. Why not make a #positivechange today?

Supercharge with stretches

After you’ve set your positive intention for the day, gently wake up your muscles with some simple stretches. Two of my favourites are a wide leg standing forward bend and a gently yoga backbend called cobra. Lowering your head beneath your heart in a forward bend increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain, helping you feel energised and ready for the day, while backbends have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Scrub up

An all-important part of any retreat is the pampering. One of my favourite ways to get my skin glowing is an all-over buff with our Energising Body Scrub – taking time to exfoliate the first thing is great for your mind and body!

Retreat treats!

Simply blend ripe avocado, banana, some raw cacao powder and vanilla essence together for a decadent chocolate mousse you’d never guess is dairy free. Eat alone or add your favourite topping (like nuts or berries) as a guilt-free Easter treat.

Posted by Sarah Carr on April 2nd, 2015
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Our best just got better!

It’s been a big week for us here at Liz Earle! After no longer being able to responsibly source yangu oil for our haircare, we’ve been on the quest to find an equal to or even better botanical. Following a long journey to locate and source our new star ingredient, Kalahari melon oil, this week we’ve relaunched our Botanical Shine™ Conditioners and Nourishing Hair Oil. Best of all, by using this rare and nourishing golden melon oil, we’re helping to provide a sustainable income to the people of the Namibian desert while at the same time, helping them to protect their precious natural ecosystem.

Our brand new botanical

Part of my role as Ethnobotanist means making it my mission to source the finest botanicals that are absolutely right for our products, and it’s no mean feat! It took many months to find it, but when we heard how the local San people treasured the Kalahari melon seeds for their naturally high content of nurturing oils, we realised we were onto something. But the oil is only part of the story, our fruits are wild-harvested by local women’s cooperatives and sold via a fair trade organisation, which means the farmers receive a fair price for their precious desert crop.

UK friendly fruit

While the Kalahari melon might struggle to grow here, there are some new varieties that can handle our changeable UK weather. These smaller, early-ripening melons, like the variety ‘Emir’, have been specifically bred for the UK climate and will fruit outdoors quite happily given a warm, sunny site. Fancy giving them a go? These are the seeds you’ll need.

The perfect pickle

In the US, pickled watermelon rind is a tasty soul food delicacy enjoyed with roasted meat or vegetables. It’s actually really easy to make your own, all you need is the washed rind of 1-2 watermelons chopped into 1” pieces, some pickling vinegar, sugar and any seasonings you might also like to add (I like ginger and star anise for an extra botanical kick!). You can find the full recipe online here.

Posted by James on March 23rd, 2015
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Mothering Sunday is the perfect opportunity to spend time together, remembering and celebrating all that our mothers have done for us. I’m very grateful for all the wisdom that my mother has passed on to me in all areas of my life, but it probably won’t surprise you that I’ve learnt a particularly large amount in the beauty and wellbeing departments. This is why I love working with her on the new Liz Earle Wellbeing digital magazine.

The importance of skincare
As many little girls do, I loved pretending to be my mother. This usually involved prancing around her bathroom wearing my pyjamas, stylishly paired with some high heels and Cleanse & Polish™ on my face. Then, standing side by side in front of the mirror together, we would finish our cleanse, tone and moisturise routine (back in the days when the packaging was still pink!) before bed. I’m very thankful that I discovered the importance of having a good skincare regime from a young age, standing me in good stead for the rest of my life.

Giving back
Over the years I’ve been inspired by my mother’s work with cooperatives and charities across the world, providing those in need with a ‘hand up’ and not just a ‘hand out’, so that ultimately individuals and communities are able to support themselves. This has shown me the difference that we are all able to make by giving to others, even if it’s just giving our time, and I was honoured when she asked me to be a trustee for her charity, LiveTwice.

Tea and cake
My mother has also always encouraged me to enjoy life and all that it brings, including good food and especially cake! A love for cake and Earl Grey tea runs deep in our family and was a weekly tradition throughout my childhood and on special occasions, such as Mothering Sunday. We all get together, tuck into a delicious slice or two, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. You can find some of our favourite family cake recipes in the latest edition of the Liz Earle Wellbeing digital magazine.

Posted by on March 16th, 2015
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In celebration of women everywhere

The 8th March is a date I always remember – as well as being International Women’s Day, it’s the same day we first launched on QVC! From the female farmers working around the world to bring us the finest, ethically-sourced botanicals, to the (predominantly female) staff at your local counter, women are, and always have been, at the heart of everything we do. That’s why, this International Women’s Day, I’m nominating the wonderful women who inspire us to make the Liz Earle beauty brand the best it can be. Lastly, I’d like to extend my thanks to you, our loyal customers, the majority of whom are women too. Ladies, I celebrate you all!

The story of our shea

Two groups of inspirational women, on opposite sides of the African continent, harvest the softening shea butter. In Uganda, East Africa, we source the lesser-known Shea Nilotica, famed for it’s silky texture and found in our Superskin Body Cream, via a women’s cooperative which helps to provide a sustainable income in an area that’s suffered a long and difficult history of conflict.

Meanwhile in Burkina Faso, the rich West African shea used in our Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask is harvested by local women’s groups, helping to provide a fair income and vital means for mothers to send their children to school.

An inspirational lady

During my travels in Africa and as founder of my own charity, LiveTwice, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing and inspirational women, Joanna Waddington, a founder of charity Ace Africa for whom I’m now a patron, is one such individual. Via innovative projects that provide practical help to people who desperately need it, she and her team are helping transform the lives of people affected by HIV and Aids in some of poorest regions of Tanzania and Kenya. You can find out more about Ace Africa’s work, including their ingenious rocket stoves project, here.

Our new desert jewel

Though my lips must remain sealed for a little while longer, I can tell you we’re working with an exciting new ingredient coming soon! You’ve been asking about it for months and now the wait is nearly over! Our new secret ingredient is sourced in Namibia via a partnership with PhytoTrade Africa, an organisation that works with rural women’s community groups to ensure fair trade of their precious botanicals. Stay tuned for further updates!

Posted by Liz on March 9th, 2015
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