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Introducing Domitille Bertier, the distinguished Parisian perfumer behind our exquisite new fine fragrance, Botanical Essence™ No.20 Eau de Parfum.


When the team at Liz Earle asked me to write their Fragrance Edition to celebrate the launch of Botanical Essence™ No.20 Eau de Parfum, I just couldn’t refuse! Creating this multifaceted rose fragrance, inspired by the centuries-old Damask rose harvest, was a true pleasure. It’s rare that I get to work with such a large palette of natural ingredients, and it’s this high percentage of botanicals that gives the blend such a high quality and complex fragrance – I made at least 20 versions before I settled on ‘the one’!

The story behind the blend

In June 2014 I travelled to Isparta, Turkey, to meet the farmers behind the historic Damask rose and learn all about their relationship with this precious flower. The trip included a rare opportunity to take part in the legendary dawn harvest of the delicate Damask rose petals − it was such a beautiful experience that I decided then and there that I must translate it into a fragrance. Even now, when I smell the finished fragrance, it’s the landscape of Isparta and its blooming rose fields that I see.

A rose above all others

To capture the true nature of these extraordinary roses, I realised I needed to use a variety of their extracts to honour their complexity. I’ve used rose essence which bestows fresh, green notes with a vegetal quality; rose essential oil, an innovative extract, for a dewy petal effect; and rose absolute to lend a heaviness and spicy warmth to the blend.



London calling

As a Parisian working with such a quintessentially British brand, I’ve really had to do my research. I recently visited the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London and was amazed by the luxuriant nature and unique scent floating in the air – a treat for a perfumer like me. I also draw inspiration from the products themselves – Skin Repair™ Moisturiser is my absolute favourite, I love it and use it every day.

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. on October 8th, 2015
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Hello from the picturesque Undercliff at Ventnor, a 40 minute drive from our island HQ. It’s been such a busy year that I’ve actually decided to stay close to home this summer. That said, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking you were somewhere much more exotic, such is the balmy microclimate, always a good few degrees warmer than the mainland. With weather this good, why venture anywhere else?

A botanist’s dream

Ventnor Botanic Garden is my absolute favourite spot on the island. The sheer diversity of plants, from towering architectural palms to intricate succulents, makes it a sort of horticultural Disneyland for botanists! Add in some pretty amazing cake (in their on-site cafe), and you’d be hard pressed to find a more wonderful way to while away the day.

Supercharged check up 

We have a brand new, super exciting launch coming very soon. While I’ve been sworn to secrecy, I can tell you I’ve been busy working with some of the most powerful botanicals we’ve ever used, a few of which grow among the verdant plant life here at Ventnor. Yes, I know I’m meant to be having a break, but I just can’t resist checking in on their progress.

Scents of calm

There’s something about the scent of lavender growing en masse, like it does here in Ventnor’s Mediterranean garden, which is supremely soothing. It’s the perfect tonic for a city dweller like me. Alongside the iconic Damask rose, you’ll find the calming scent of lavender essential oil in our Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender Limited Edition, back for a short time only while stocks last.

Visiting Ventnor Botanic Garden this August? 

Explore the garden by ‘golden light’ during one of their late night restaurant openings. Plus, enjoy unique events including an enchanting evening with the fabulous Edana Minghella Quartet on Friday 28th August. For more information, call 01983 855397 or visit 

Fancy a little pampering? When you visit, also keep an eye out for our pop-up spa, located at the heart of the New Zealand garden. For more details, call our Ryde store on 01983 813980.

Posted by James on August 7th, 2015
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Hello (or should that be bonjour?) from the sunny South of France. While we may not have travelled a huge distance from the UK, as soon as we touch down at our holiday cottage, the stresses of home feel a million miles away. Over the years I’ve become a bit of packing pro, and it’s even easier when you can buy your wash bag essentials at such bargain prices! Here are my holiday must-haves from our unmissable summer sale…

Kid-friendly cleanser

We’re busy working on our SPFs behind the scenes here, but I always pack a mineral sunscreen for myself and the girls – especially after listening to Liz’s research on the possible side-effects of some chemical formulas. To gently remove sunscreen from the girls’ skin at bath time, I use my trusty Cleanse & Polish™available with 30% off, in a set together with an extra treat just for the adults, our revitalising Brightening Treatment Mask.

Instant ambience

Once the kids are in bed, we sit outside to enjoy the balmy evenings with a glass of wine. I always pack one of our Eucalyptus & Rosemary Botanical Candles (wrapped carefully in a beach towel!) to create a relaxing ambience and infuse the air with the heavenly scent of our hero botanicals – it also helps keep the bugs at bay.

A radiant prep 

It’s not all about what to pack, our Full Body Boost Kit, available in our sale with over 40% off, is perfect for a pre-holiday skin prep. This invigorating set contains three of our bodycare bestsellers, plus a Natural Bristle Body Brush – ideal for stimulating circulation to leave skin softer, smoother and with a healthy-looking glow, ready for your holiday. I couldn’t resist sneaking it into my suitcase too!

Posted by Caroline on July 31st, 2015
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Hello from New York! What a city and what a privilege it is taking our beautiful brand stateside! I love to travel and believe in always packing lightly, with just the essentials that make the journey and destination as homely as possible – maintaining your routine and lifestyle is important, whether in the UK or further afield. Here are some of my top tips that have seen me radiantly through all of my travels…

Re-work your wash bag

Just as you don’t want to wear the same clothes every day, you should be prepared for your skin to change too.  Cleanse & Polish™,  Superskin™, Eyebright™ and Superskin™ Body Cream are just some of my home-away-from-home essentials, plus travel sizes of our Gentle Face Exfoliator and must-have masks (you never know what effect the change in environment will have on your skin!)

Prepare for a fresh arrival

My trusty in-flight staple? Superbalm™ all the way! As soon as you remove your make up and have had a spritz of Instant Boost™, massage Superbalm™ onto your skin, drink lots of water and relax. I recommend doing some facial massage moves too, and always make sure you stretch and take a walk mid-flight to help keep your circulation going.

Keep up with good habits

It has been a busy few days of training and events, but no matter what’s in my diary, I try maintain my morning routine of a run or walk combined with some simple yoga and stretching, lemon water and a healthy breakfast. My first web searches in New York were Whole Foods and juice bars!

Posted by Sarah Carr on July 25th, 2015
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My week is often busy with clients, meetings at Liz Earle HQ, or even presenting our shows on QVC, but since the summer started in earnest, my weekends have suddenly filled up too! Be it a summer garden party, wedding or birthday picnic lunch, I have something on nearly every weekend from now until September – it’s crazy. If, like me, you’re also having a busy few months, here are my smart tips to avoid a summer beauty burnout, so you can turn up to every event with a natural, healthy-looking glow.

Cleanse like a pro

Cleanse twice in the evening to thoroughly remove all traces of sunscreen and make up – it also helps any products you use afterwards to absorb better. Gently massage our heavenly-scented new Cleanse & Polish™ Jasmine & Osmanthus Limited Edition into skin for at least a minute on each of your two cleanses, to boost your circulation for natural radiance.

Overnight Superskin™ ritual

I love the sun, especially with a refreshing drink in my hand, but it’s so dehydrating for skin. To keep your summer complexion plumped and hydrated, treat it to our aromatic beauty sleep treat, Superskin™ Concentrate for Night, before bedtime. The nourishing natural oils of argan and rosehip act like an overnight facial to put back in what the sun takes out.

Pre-party skin

I love spending time with my daughter, and a bit of pre-party pampering (her prom was this month) is a great way to treat her. She has beautiful, young skin, but it’s never too soon to start a good routine. Our 3-step cleanse, tone and moisturise is the perfect introduction for teenage skin – she loves the Skin Repair™ Light Moisturiser, which helps to balance excess oil brought on by the warm summer weather.


Posted by Abigail on July 17th, 2015
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With the school holidays here, or fast approaching, there’s some magic in the air. For families everywhere it signals the start of the annual summer getaway, time spent together exploring new places, or simply relaxing at home. That said, it’s not without some trepidation that I look forward to this time of year – there’s just so much to think about! Luckily, years of experience have taught me that being organised can really help ease that end of term chaos. Below, you’ll find my tips for making your transition into the summer holidays as stress-free as possible. And breathe…

Shop smart

To save the last minute dash, make a list of everything you need for your trip and order what you can online. If you only invest in one item, make it our Botanical Aftersun Gel – it’s literally a skin saver. Infused with lavender and pure aloe vera, it instantly cools sunburn, revives tired ‘sightseeing legs’ and soothes bites fast. Or, if you’re flying out of Gatwick (North Terminal) or Stansted, why not collect one en-route from our Boots counters?

Keep calm and carry on

Even the best laid plans can fray at the seams in the wake of long airport (or ferry) queues. Avoid a meltdown by packing some healthy snacks – think dried fruit and nuts – to keep blood sugar levels on an even keel. Plus, when my little ones become frazzled and fractious, I like to keep them cool with a mist of my handbag hero – Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic.

Miniature heroes

My wash bag consists almost entirely of travel sizes – not only do they save space, it means I don’t have to cross borders with my precious full sizes! I collect them up over the year and stash them away in a drawer, but if you’re all out, why not stock up on your summer must-haves to take advantage of out three complimentary Botanical Beauty Treats when you spend £50 or more in store or online?

Posted by Caroline on July 10th, 2015
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I can’t believe it’s been over 16 years since I first started working with Liz and this amazing British brand. I’ll never forget my first Cleanse & Polish™, it really was unlike anything I’d ever experienced and I knew then that Liz, and her co-founder Kim, were very special women indeed. Fast forward to 2015 and not only are we celebrating our 20th birthday, but Liz has just launched the beautiful new printed version of her Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine into our stores. It’s full of wonderful features and delicious recipes perfect for summertime. Here are my favourite picks from the current issue…

Holiday herbs 

I adore herbs for cooking and eating, but Liz is an expert on their therapeutic benefits beyond the kitchen counter. Did you know a lavender bath is one of the fastest ways to relieve jet lag? While aloe vera – the hero in our Botanical Aftersun Gel – has supreme skin cooling properties. You can read more about Liz’s herbal holiday first aid kit in the latest Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine.

Download now for £2.99, or pick up the new Summer issue in store for £4.99.

Happy and hydrated

When I’m feeling sluggish or stressed I often overlook the fact that I may just be dehydrated. As little as a 5% drop in fluids can affect brain function, stress levels and circulation, not to mention our skin! If, like me, you struggle to drink enough, take Liz’s advice and add water to fresh juices or brew your own tea with fresh herbs. See the latest issue of Liz’s magazine for more clever ways to stay hydrated.

Braidy bunch 

I love this simple rope braid hairstyle (see the step-by-step in the latest Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine) and can’t wait to try it on my girls. To tame flyaways and boost shine, I’ll smooth the tiniest drop of Botanical Shine™ Nourishing Hair Oil onto my hands before I begin – it makes their hair so much more manageable.

Win a pampering break to London 

We’re giving away a pampering break for two, in association with Emerald Street, the free daily lifestyle email, at luxurious new boutique hotel, Leicester House, in London’s West End. As well as an overnight stay with breakfast, the winner and guest will each enjoy a Liz Earle Signature Facial and complimentary Liz Earle goodies. For your chance to win, all you need to do is answer a simple question and subscribe to Emerald Street for your daily fix of fashion, beauty, culture, careers, literature and events.

Click here to enter.


Posted by Caroline on July 3rd, 2015
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What an adventure it’s been over the last two decades, not to mention a month of exciting events and limited editions to celebrate our 20th birthday! My highlight? An anniversary dinner with the press, including the original beauty editors who received the very first Cleanse & Polish™ samples all those years ago. I’m also delighted to announce that the new printed version of my Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine has just hit the shelves in Liz Earle flagship stores – the perfect end to what’s been a truly memorable month. Below, discover my fellow ambassadors’ favourite birthday moments…

Coveted collectable

‘It’s no secret that I adore Cleanse & Polish™, so my favourite birthday moment has to be unwrapping my set of 20 Years Special Edition canisters celebrating our three hero botanicals − rosemary, eucalyptus and chamomile. What a gift for a diehard Cleanse & Polish™ collector like me!’ Abigail James, Treatment Ambassdor.

Signature Blue salute.

‘Meeting so many loyal, plus brand new, Liz Earle fans at the Isle of Wight Festival was an excellent way to kick off our 20th birthday month − especially the sight of a sea of Signature Blue manicures created with our new Limited Edition Strengthening Nail Colour.’ Sarah Carr, In-house Lifestyle Expert.

Making Cleanse & Polish history.

‘Helping the team create Jasmine & Osmanthus – our new Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Limited Edition – was pretty special. The floral fragrance is really uplifting, a true summer scent. I’m proud to have played a part in the history of Cleanse & Polish™!’ James Wong, Ethnobatnist. Shop Cleanse & Polish™ Limited Edition.

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. on June 26th, 2015
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As the third annual British Flowers Week wraps up, I’m turning my attention from the veg patch to the flower bed. From the abundance of scented blossom on my fruit trees to the wildflowers attracting bees and butterflies to my plot, flowers are an essential tool for any gardener. Also this week, don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday – it’s not too late to shop our men’s skincare in store (I swear by it!).

My floral field trip

I love my job! Just a few weeks ago I was walking through the sun-soaked fields of Isparta, Turkey, where we source the Damask roses for our Botanical Essence™ fine fragrances. The scent was truly magnificent while the harvest itself was a sight to behold. The reason for my visit? Stay tuned for a very special announcement coming later this year! 

Blooming British

Flowers aren’t just for show – two of our most highly prized botanicals come from native British flowers. Borage oil, found in our Superskin™ Moisturisers, is packed with essential fatty acids that help skin to retain moisture, while the pretty blue cornflower features in our iconic Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion, a must-have to refresh tired or irritated eyes.

Flower power

It takes a brave lady – well, two – to take on the British floristry establishment, but Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey have triumphed with The Flower Appreciation Society, their London-based floristry business adored by the fashion world and celebrities alike. Their beautiful book, The Flower Appreciation Society: An A to Z All Things Floral, is out this week and is full of useful ‘how tos’ to recreate their distinctive floral displays at home.

Available at Amazon for £13.60

Bringing the botanicals home

A team of green-fingered colleagues based at our Isle of Wight HQ have constructed a new greenhouse onsite – fittingly called The Botanical House. Home to some of our most exotic ingredients, including blue seakale and Kalahari melon, and some of our most-loved, like the beautiful star-shaped borage flower, they hope to discover even more about these beauty-boosting botanicals. Good work team!


Posted by James on June 19th, 2015
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All the current 20th birthday celebrations have got me reminiscing back to when it all began. Ever since the brand HQ first opened on the beautiful Isle of Wight, I’ve enjoyed discovering the scenic hidden gems dotted around our island home – and I’d love for you to see them too. Also this week, as well as celebrating the brand’s 20th birthday, we’re saying a big “thank you” to dads near and far (plus you’ll enjoy a treat for yourself with every gift!).

Lunch with Liz

When Kim and I started Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare, we were both young mums setting out on an incredible journey. It was a hugely busy time with lots of travelling between growers and suppliers so I became an expert in lunch-on-the-go, something I continue to enjoy. For a quick lunch break boost, try my delicious Salad in a Jar – jam-packed with tasty nutrition. Find the recipe on the Liz Earle Wellbeing website here.

An island gem 

With so much beautiful scenery, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to days out on the Isle of Wight. One of my favourites is the hidden beach at Steephill Cove in Ventnor – partly the stunning surroundings, partly the legendary fresh crab sandwiches from Wheeler’s Crab Shed. For more of my favourite things, download the latest edition of my Liz Earle Wellbeing digital magazine.

Download now from the Apple App Store, Google Play or via, for £2.99.

A day for Dad

When I first worked on the men’s range almost 10 years ago, we were inundated with requests – not from men, but from wives and girlfriends fed up with sharing their skincare! Looking back at the benefits we brought to so many makes me realise just what a special opportunity Father’s Day is to say “thanks for all” with a personal treat. And this year, when you buy a gift for him, you’ll receive one too!



Posted by Liz on June 12th, 2015
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