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Plump your pout with Superskin™ Superlip Balm


I’m so glad that our first launch for 2017 is a brilliant and hardworking lip balm. I see so many clients who take great care of their face, but tend to neglect their lips – often thinking that a moisturising lipstick is enough to replenish and fix dry patches.

A reliable, designated lip conditioner deserves a place in your make-up bag to help nourish lips, transforming them so that they’re soft, moisturised and kissable, as well as better equipped for making sure your lipstick goes the distance.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing our new SuperskinSuperlip Balm over the past month, and I’m obsessed. It glides on like silk and a little amount goes a long way. I tend to apply it just after my three-step routine or after I’ve applied my make up first thing in the morning, then top it up when needed as the day goes on. Packed with a plethora of nourishing, conditioning ingredients, our latest launch works to visibly plump, replenish and soften lips.

Read on to discover a little more about each of our hero ingredients…


Dragon’s blood extract
Dragon’s blood extract is rich in proanthocyanidins, which are antioxidants, and a biologically active alkaloid called taspine, which is known to help barrier function properties.

Alaria esculenta extract
Also known as winged sea kelp, this brown algae is rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, making it an effective skin moisturiser.

Pomegranate seed oil
With strong antioxidant properties, pomegranate seed oil is an excellent emoillient, helping deliver a hit of moisturisation.

Together with the rest of our naturally active formula, these hero ingredients work to efficiently plump your pout, while leaving it feeling conditioned and smooth. I really can’t wait for you to try it – I hope you love it as much as I do!


Abigail’s expert tip
Gently exfoliate lips with a damp muslin cloth before applying in the morning – this will help buff away any dry skin and provide a smooth surface for application. It’s also a fab idea to apply a little balm before your lipstick – it’ll help make sure your pout is moisturised, no matter what colour you go for.


Want to try it for yourself? Grab your own here – and look forward to lush lips.


Abigail x


Abigail James, Treatment Ambassador

Abigail James, Treatment Ambassador

A highly respected and experienced facialist who’s trained all over the world, Abigail’s holistic approach and transformative treatments have earned her a loyal following of celebrities and beauty editors alike, many of whom are regular clients at the Abigail James Treatment Room in our London flagship store.

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