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Polish up your Halloween with Sarah’s nail art hacks


I LOVE Halloween! It’s my mum’s birthday and we have always celebrated with traditional Halloween treats and dress up. Whether you’re planning on throwing a spooky party, embarking on a spot of trick or treating, or simply want to pay homage to the season’s scariest festivity, I’ve come up with and quick and easy nail art look that is gorgeous yet ghoulish!


Frightful fingerprints

Create a crime scene with conviction

1. Begin by applying a clear base coat to nails. This will help provide a smooth surface for your artwork!
2. For the first stage of this look, paint 2 coats of Strengthening Nail Colour in Grace onto all nails and wait until dry.

3. Next, using Strengthening Nail Colour in Pure Poetry, carefully paint strips of varying length and thickness onto your nail. Be sure to leave space between them, and work from middle of the nail to the tip to create a dripping blood effect.

4. Repeat on your other hand.

Top tip: For an extra blood-like effect, add some droplets closer to the cuticle, too!

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Sarah x

Sarah Carr, Lifestyle Ambassador

Sarah Carr, Lifestyle Ambassador

Sarah’s role is a varied one – over the course of a week you may find our very own health coach and facialist sharing her expert skincare wisdom as she trains our store staff, presenting one of our specialist shows on QVC, heading up one of our festival crews, or even on her mat teaching a yoga class at our island HQ – she’s a qualified yoga instructor too!

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