Discover the magic of Superskin this season

It happens every year, the cold weather is quickly upon us – often showing first in our skin – but as we reach for our winter coats, it’s all too easy to forget to wrap skin in a little luxury too. Superskin, the most elevated, luxe offering in the Liz Earle beauty range, steps into its own in these colder months. Enriched with nature’s hardest-working plumping, firming and rejuvenating ingredients – cranberry, pomegranate, omega oils, borage and rosehip – it’s a stand-out skin saviour. It works quickly to firm and comfort skin, whether it’s dry, mature, or just winter-sensitised and in need of a short-term boost.

To make radiant winter skin easy, we’ve tailored our exclusive Superskin gift sets

If your skin is more mature, or showing deeper signs of ageing (skin is less supple, slacker and looks ‘tired’), it’s time for Superskin to work its magic. Try our Superskin Face and Body Treats to instantly transform skin from top to toe. As well as the original star Superskin Moisturiser, you’ll experience super-soft skin on your body too, with the generous travel-sized Superskin Body Cream – described by customers as ‘a treatment in a tube’, it’s the ideal pre-party pamper, bringing dry skin back to glorious life fast, while imparting a beautiful natural sheen and the divine aroma of neroli, lavender and chamomile. Heaven!

If you’re a Skin Repair Moisturiser fan, try slipping Superskin Moisturiser in as a night time winter boost, two to three times a week. The Christmas Superskin Essentials Gift cossets your winter classics (Cleanse & Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Gentle Face Exfoliator), as well as the full size Superskin Moisturiser 50ml. This will take you right through until spring, keeping skin in soft, plump shape. It also makes the perfect gift for a sleep-deprived new mum, a bride-to-be, or a loved one who needs some TLC.

Remind your man to moisturise! Don’t forget the men in your life: partners, teenage sons, fathers, nephews, godsons. Give them a gentle nudge, before dry skin becomes tender and sensitised. Superskin works instantly on all ages of dry skin – teens to grandfathers. If you know all the family will benefit – treat yourselves to Superskin Heroes; this face-saving duo of full-size Superskin Moisturiser and its night time partner Superskin Concentrate work wonders at intensely moisturising. The aroma helps you unwind too before bed.

Fallen in love with our long-lasting Strengthening Nail Colours? Keep hands in tip-top condition with our precious new hand secret, Superskin Hand Serum. Featuring kigelia as its star ingredient (found aplenty in our Superskin Neck & Bust Treatment), this clever serum helps rejuvenate hands by plumping and firming tired, ageing skin. For great value, try the Superskin Hand and Body Treats gift, which also boasts Superskin Body Cream in the generous travel size 50ml – the perfect partnership for Christmas away – pop in your handbag and reapply whenever skin feels dry or exposed, and always after washing.

Boost your cleansing routine – If your skin is very sensitive, try this much-beloved tip, first recommended by one of our customers: add a few drops of Superskin Concentrate to 1-2 pumps of Cleanse & Polish, mix in the palm of the hand, and massage gently onto the skin. The nourishing oil boosts your cleanser, really helping counter the cold weather’s effect on skin. Massage the cleanser in circular movements, moving upwards and outwards – literally giving the skin a mini workout. This boosts skin’s lymphatic system, stopping sluggish skin in its tracks (if your regular facial is your marathon, this little workout is a healthy jog around the block). Great for keeping tired skin in peak condition, in the busy run-up to Christmas.

Read what other Superskin fans say, or watch one of our online videos, to learn more about how this exceptional range achieves visible results. And don’t forget, as you pull that low-cut party dress from the back of the wardrobe, invest in Superskin Neck & Bust Treatment for a fabulous, enviable décolleté.

Posted by Caroline on November 19th, 2013

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  1. Hi Caroline, I placed my first order with you last week and just received my Liz Earle products today! I ordered the skin essentials November special and I think it was great value, the products were packed beautifully which made it more exciting! My skin feels immaculate after my first use and I can’t wait to use it again tonight! Thank you for the free gift which came with my order, can’t wait to place my next order. X

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