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We’re so excited to announce that we have won not one, but TWO awards in the Prestige category at the annual CEW Beauty Awards. The Oscars of the beauty world, each product is voted for by CEW members, who are a powerful community of executives within the beauty industry. It’s a huge achievement, and we’re thrilled to share it with you, our lovely customers!


Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser was up against strong competitors, but came out top as the winner of Best Classic Beauty Product, bringing the grand total of awards our cleansing icon has won up to a huge 125. We were also lucky enough to win the Best New Haircare/Styling/Colouring Product for our Botanical Shine™ Nourishing Hair Oil, adding yet another accolade to our haircare range.

Go ahead and snap up your own award-winner by following the links below – after all, you deserve a treat!


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Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. on April 26th, 2016
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From day one, we made a commitment against animal testing. That’s why our entire naturally active range is certified by Cruelty Free International (previously known as the BUAV) and bears the globally recognised leaping bunny logo.

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Did you know?

• We have never, and will never, test any of our botanical beauty products on animals. It’s been one of our key principles for the last twenty years.

• According to recent figures, 80% of the world’s countries still allow the use of animal testing for cosmetic purposes. Despite the availability of alternatives, countless animals are still subjected to cruel tests every day to bring a new eye shadow or fragrance to market.

• 3,151 rabbits were used in skin irritation tests in 2011. Thanks to lobbying by Cruelty Free International, these are expected to be replaced with human skin tests by May 2016.

• The leaping bunny logo is the international gold standard for non-animal tested consumer products. Register online to receive Cruelty Free International’s complimentary guide to over 600 cruelty-free brands, including us!

• The leaping bunny symbol doesn’t only apply to beauty products, you’ll find it on dozens of certified household cleaning products too.

Find out more about the leaping bunny >>

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. on February 29th, 2016
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What a summer we’ve had… I don’t want it to end!

I’ve been spending most of my time on the Isle of Wight which has been dreamy, enjoying morning runs, evening walks and lots of fresh food. I also went to a music festival in Devon called Somersault which was magical – there was the most amazing wellbeing area where we could have treatments and practice yoga. Jack Johnson was performing, who I was actually really privileged to meet a few years ago when I treated him to a facial (a memory I could live over and over again!). The weather was absolutely on our side and of course I had all my LE essentials with me… I used up an entire Instant Boost Skin Tonic spritzer to keep cool and refreshed, and my Botanical Aftersun Gel was invaluable for our sun-exposed arms and legs.

I headed to Jersey for a friend’s 30th – what a party we had! It was on the beach at St Ouen’s with a BBQ (lots of fresh veggies and salad for me!) and fabulous company. I treated birthday girl Nina to some party essentials – our Radiant Glow Bronzer and Sheer Lip Gloss in Apricot, a gorgeous shimmering shade that’s perfect for summer.

This month’s lifestyle tip – My sprializer is working a treat! My favourite thing to make with it has to be ‘courgetti’ – ribbons of courgette cut to look like spaghetti! I’ve been adding pesto or homemade tomato sauces to mine. Has anyone else entered the world of spiralizing?

My latest healthy discovery is making my own flavoured water. I’ve been doing this either at home or in the office. My favourites so far are mint, cucumber and lime or strawberry, cucumber and lemon. They’re fun and nutritious!

This month’s skincare tip Superskin Body Cream is my summer 2014 hero. This luxurious cream has given my legs and arms a gorgeous glow – and me the confidence to show them off!

This month’s make up tip – I’m still addicted to our Radiant Glow Bronzer. This multi-tasking bronzer can be used to give skin instant radiance, or individual sections can be used on eyelids or cheekbones to highlight and contour.

Here at Liz Earle, August was all about our Retail Conference. We brought all our retail teams home to the Isle of Wight to discover our amazing eco-friendly headquarters, meet the teams and unveil our vision for the next six months. I’m excited about what’s in store!

Enjoy the last days of summer,

Sarah x

Posted by Sarah Carr on September 3rd, 2014
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From day one, our homeland has been the beautiful Isle of Wight, just peeping across the water as you gaze longingly out from Portsmouth Harbour. Dubbed ‘the island’, our tranquil yet energising home inspires us in so many ways  – from the concept of the range itself (which was born here), to our very first store on Union Street which opened in 2002, to our state-of-the-art eco-office, The Green House, nestled behind the seaside town of Ryde. We are passionate about the island and love sharing its secrets with our customers. When I first joined the company, I even wrote a fun handbag-sized ‘Passport to the island’ for those who wanted more ideas for things to do when they visited us. Many continue to make pilgrimages across the globe to see us (only last week I met a New Zealander who returns here each year!). In fact, we were often asked – in those early days – ‘Do I need to bring my passport?’! Our treasured gem is truly on the map now, and many of you visit for family holidays or for chill-out time, to re-energise and restore.

Here are some top tips, whether you’re glamping in Dorset, surfing in Newquay, walking in the Lake District, or abseiling in the Cairngorms:

  • Cleanse every night – Daily sebum, grime and suncream build up over the summer months when we tend to be more active and outward-bound, and the humidity affects how much we perspire, so many of you are rightly scrupulous about cleansing during these hotter months. When you’re on holiday, try to take a few moments each day just to massage, massage, massage after cleansing – this helps increase circulation and elimination of toxins. A sure-fire way to achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin throughout your holiday.
  • Reach for Instant Boost Skin Tonic spritzer – On hot sticky nights, this is everyone’s ‘go-to’ to cool, calm, refresh and fragrance skin. Try behind the neck and at the top of the back, for extra refreshment on nights when the humidity is zapping you. The soothing aloe vera base is also great to calm sun-exposed skin, gently and lovingly. The aroma (rose-scented geranium) is sheer heaven – and feels very British in essence.
  • Switch up your moisturiser – Some people prefer a richer moisturiser (such as our heavenly Superskin™ Moisturiser) when the summer months leave skin feeling parched, others prefer stepping down to Skin Repair Moisturiser Light. Our moisturisers are hardworking and flexible, allowing you to step up/down with ease, without losing those famous results.




  • Make bath time your sanctuary – Try to carve out 5-10 minutes of total me-time while you’re away. Enjoy a bath filled with Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash, escape to exotic climes with one of our Creamy Shower Nectars, or take a few minutes to indulge in a trusty treatment mask, to revive, calm, rehydrate and brighten skin in minutes.



  • Restore balance with Superskin™ Concentrate – It takes seconds to apply (with the clever rollerball or a few drops from the pump), absorbs in minutes, and you wake up with baby-soft, radiant skin. No matter how tired you are, your skin won’t show it.

  • Add instant glamour with our colour classics – A quick slick of our Strengthening Nail Colour works wonders with a tan, and ‘dresses up’ even the most pared-down outfit. For lips, just a dab of our Sheer Lip Gloss, married with the Coral shade of our multi-tasking Healthy Glow Cream Blush, highlights a bronzed complexion. You only need a few select finishing touches to showcase your glorious Liz Earle healthy-looking skin.
Share your favourite UK travel tips here! And your own holiday skincare secrets… have a beautiful British summer!
Posted by Caroline on August 21st, 2014
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Hurrah – we’ve waited for the summer, it’s here and it’s been rather glorious so far, hasn’t it? However, there are those moments when we experience little seasonal emergencies: hot sticky nights when you can’t sleep, irritated eyes, heat bringing out more blemishes than usual and dehydrated skin. These can all be pesky downsides to the wonderful summer months, but our products prove that there’s always an answer in nature…
  • Do remove your SPFs at night – It’s important in the summer months to always use an SPF during the day time, but it’s also really important to remove it properly at the end of the day too. Not only do we have the usual build-up of pollutants, dirt, sebum, dead skin cells and sweat sitting on our skin by evening, but SPFs may also clog up the pores a little too. Be really thorough about where you cleanse – face, neck, décolletage and behind the ears/back of the neck. I usually go for an extra-generous pump and a half of Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser in the evenings in the summer months to ensure everything is thoroughly removed. Use a muslin wrung out in cold water too as a final skin freshener. 
  • Keep your eye SOS in the fridge – Instantly cooling to sore, puffy eyes, Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is one of our summer favourites to refresh, cleanse, brighten and revive the delicate eye area. Brilliant in the fridge for extra coolness, steep two cotton wool pads in Eyebright and hey presto! Really cooling eye compresses. It’s oil-free and suitable for contact lens wearers (speaking from experience).
  • Try our summer wonder worker – Our Botanical Aftersun Gel is brilliant on hot sticky evenings, as a skin-calmer after sun exposure, or to cool skin after waxing or shaving. One customer I know calls it ‘air-conditioning for the body’! Packed with a high percentage of soothing aloe vera juice, this also contains high-altitude lavender from Mount Ventoux in France – an amazing tonic for the senses. I use this on my children too.
  • Keep skin spotlessly clean – Obviously, summer brings the extra issue of increased perspiration, so cleansing is vital to keep skin clean and fresh. If you need extra help to keep blemishes at bay, then try our Gentle Face Exfoliator too. I use it in the shower twice a week.
  • Do you or don’t you wear make-up on the beach? It’s a big question I’m often asked by you and my answer is – do what you feel most comfortable. Personally, I go bare-faced apart from my SPF, adding just a touch of colour if needed with a neutral shade of Healthy Glow Cream Blush on my cheeks and lips.
Please share with us some of your favourite Liz Earle summer tips. And happy holidays, whatever you are doing, home or away….
Caroline X
Posted by Caroline on July 28th, 2014
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The secret to truly radiant, healthy-looking skin isn’t only in the products you use – as a facialist, I know that how you apply your skincare matters just as much too. See the difference for yourself and try these four naturally active techniques to bring a fresh, new feel to your skincare regime…

The sunrise

Just as your neck and shoulders carry tension, stress can also show itself through pent up facial muscles and worry lines. Facial massage is a wonderful way to keep those muscles relaxed and skin looking smoother, but depends on being practiced regularly for results – ideally every day, twice a day. That’s why this tension-busting technique is perfect with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Try this:

  1. Warm one pump of Cleanse & Polish between fingertips then work it over the face and forehead using small, firm, circular motions – this will help relax muscles from multiple angles.
  2. Use small, circular motions with your knuckles along and under the jaw and beneath cheekbones. Apply a slightly deeper pressure here.
  3. Spend at least one minute doing this each time you cleanse – adding a little water will help the massage last longer.

The butterfly

When applying your moisturiser, use the entire surface area of your hands in symmetrical ‘butterfly wing’ motions. This technique is superior to using your fingertips only as it ensures your moisturiser is massaged evenly over skin (so your make up sits impeccably) and also minimises the chances of accidentally skipping areas too.

Try this:

  1. Take a blueberry-sized amount of your preferred Skin Repair Moisturiser or Superskin Moisturiser and warm between your hands.
  2. Massage from neck upwards, using the length of your fingers over the cheeks, chin and forehead in symmetrical gliding strokes.
  3. Finish by sweeping the heels of your hands slowly upwards from the jawline with a steady pressure to stimulate circulation for a rosy glow.

The raindrop

Because skin around the eyes is significantly thinner than elsewhere, using swift ‘pitter-patter’ motions with fingertips is the best way to apply eye products. More gentle than rubbing which can drag delicate skin, it’s a useful technique which can also help puffiness too and rejuvenate tired-looking eyes.

Try this:

  1. Warm one pump of Smoothing Line Serum between the pads of your index, middle and ring fingers on each hand, then gently ‘drum’ the serum over the under-eye area, moving from the inner to the outer of eyes for a minute each morning.

The midnight rose

As well as being soothing before bedtime, facial massage stimulates blood flow which brings a nutrient boost to skin cells, helping to restore a glowing complexion by morning. This technique is easy, even if you’re feeling tired, and combined with our divinely aromatic Superskin Concentrate, will help scent you into a glorious beauty sleep.

Try this:

  1. Apply one pump of Superskin Concentrate over the face and neck, then press your thumbs against your inner brows. Push up and hold for 10 seconds.
  2. Use your index and middle fingers to push up under cheekbones, press and hold for 10 seconds then glide out.
  3. Pinch along the jaw with the thumb and forefinger. Hold each point for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Don’t forget to treat your neck too – press and hold all your fingers under the collarbone and work outwards for blissful relaxation.

Psst! My 30-second brightening secret for skin

Brightening Treatment Mask never fails to perk up my complexion and works in as little as 30 seconds. If my skin is really struggling with fatigue, then while the mask is on, I use brisk ‘pinching’ actions with my thumb and forefinger over my face to give its surface an intense brightening nudge.

Posted by Abigail on May 9th, 2014
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Never undervalue the wonders of a face mask. Quick results, minimum fuss and a soft, glowing, radiant bloom to the skin – sound good? If you don’t have time for one of our pampering facials in our relaxing treatment rooms, then here’s your shortcut to speedy skincare success.

•    Congested or greasy skin prone to breakouts? Experience the soothing, rebalancing botanical clays in Deep Cleansing Mask. Not only does it rebalance (primary aim), but it also calms a cross, hot complexion (the result of many a congested skin type), with soothing Manuka honey and propolis.  Designed to dry gently on the skin, it helps draw out impurities, then gently lifts away using its sponge partner after five minutes. Skin is left smooth and calm, with redness minimised and softness restored (no tightness).
Brightening Treatment Mask
•    Lacklustre, pallid, worn-out skin tone? Try the zingy 30-second bright-skin wonder: Brightening Treatment Mask. This is my fail-safe for QVC shows, to instantly transform my skin for a ‘lights-camera-action’ glow. It’s also known as ‘SOS in a pump’ thanks to its instantly radiant results and gorgeous pick-me-up aroma, courtesy of Chinese camphor. Time-starved, yet skin craving energy and brightness? Make this your morning fix – smooth this cool, aloe vera and witch hazel-infused mask onto skin, leave for 30-120 seconds then remove with its muslin cloth. Skin wakes up and a rosy bloom appears as if by magic on the cheeks – disguising a sleepless night or hungover skin.

Parched, tight, winter-weary skin? Choose our intensely hydrating and comforting Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask – our very first face mask and beloved by all skin types in times of need. This is your indulgent mask, so set aside 10-15 minutes to let these reviving, soothing ingredients (comfrey, borage, shea butter) penetrate your skin. Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin and lie back in the bath for 15 minutes. Partner with cotton wool pads steeped in soothing Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion, and watch this space for our Indulgent Bath & Body collection to add to the moment. You’ll feel the difference to the touch – soft, restored, rehydrated, calm skin. A real treat on a cold wintry evening!

PS. Try a special trick with Instant Boost Skin Tonic! Spritz it over your mask (just before removing), or pour a little into your palms, then massage into skin to gently rehydrate and soften the mask. Alcohol-free, this aloe vera-rich skin brightener is the perfect partner to revive and soothe skin.

•    Finishing touches – Now just add a veil of moisture with Instant Boost Skin Tonic, and seal in that soft-skin sensation with your chosen moisturiser (try our everyday hero Skin Repair Moisturiser, or Superskin Moisturiser if skin needs that extra boost).

Some extra tips?

•    Get creative – Take a leaf out of our therapists’ book and use a different mask for different areas of your complexion. No rules, remember, just find what works best for you. I love Deep Cleansing Mask on my oily t-zone, with Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask on my cheeks.

•    Polish – For optimum results, make sure skin is beautifully soft before you start. Try exfoliating with Gentle Face Exfoliator – let the spherical beads roll gently over your skin, removing dead, dry skin cells, to help maximise your subsequent mask. A few seconds doing this reaps tangible results later.

Whatever your skin dilemma, our trio of face masks come to the rescue with a specific solution, so take a few minutes each week to really step up your skincare regime. You’ll notice a visible, lasting difference when you glance in the mirror and over the coming days. Enjoy and do share more about your favourite mask tips from the Liz Earle range – add your thoughts to the comments section below or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Posted by Caroline on January 31st, 2014
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