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Last week, I had the privilege of spending time with some colleagues, training them on our range of botanical beauty treats. I was amazed when one of my colleagues announced that he didn’t really know what a cleanser was, which got me thinking…

When I first joined the Liz Earle family, I was one of a handful of guys in the office. Back then, ‘skincare’ really wasn’t a cool thing for a guy to indulge in, in fact, I can remember, when I was working in the customer centre, I would often get calls from ladies saying that they had caught their other half secretly using their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Of course, it wasn’t long before we started work creating our range of Liz Earle for Men products, a targeted selection of simple, dependable, hardworking grooming solutions – including their very own Cleanse & Polish, complete with its own ‘manly’ packaging.

Today, grooming for guys is much more accepted and no longer something that they have to hide from their other halves – so why not treat him to something from our range for Father’s Day (and maybe ‘borrow’ yourself from time to time)…

Three products he’ll love (and you can steal, too!)

  1. A close shave: Finding a shave cream that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, foams effectively and gives a close, clean shave is the equivalent of the finding the Holy Grail. Our Sensitive Shave Cream ticks all the boxes. With its creamy, skin-friendly formula, it really is the best product I have ever used for shaving (and you ladies love it for shaving legs, too!).
  2. Bright eyes: Whether he’s been burning the candle at both ends, suffering with itchy eyes, or maybe just wanting to indulge in a bit of ‘he-time’ at the weekend, our Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion is the perfect way to refresh and awaken tired eyes. If you haven’t tried this yet, it really is love at first sight… a real unsung hero!
  3. Smooth operator: Keep his skin feeling soft and smelling great with our new Bergamot & Ginger Creamy Shower Nectar – a refreshingly zesty, yet spicy and warm way to kick-start your day, or wind down after a long day.

Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Leighton on June 12th, 2014

Cleansing is as essential to skin health as anything that comes afterwards. In fact, many beauty experts swear that nothing works effectively if this first step isn’t just right. Cleansing without stripping, transforming your twice-a-day cleanse into a luxurious skin treat, radiant skin results – for this, we are famous. And guess what – it all comes down to botanicals. Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser’s potent blend is so gentle and skin compatible, yet powerful enough to remove heavy make up and thick SPF sun creams. Offering triple duty benefits, Cleanse & Polish cleanses the skin, removes eye make up and gently buffs skin, twice a day – and is packed with nature’s best botanicals (cocoa butter, eucalyptus, rosemary, hops, chamomile). Customers across the decades have told us their story – how this rich creamy cleanser feels like a real treat for the skin, encouraging a healthy-looking, radiant glow – from teens to septuagenarians. For many, this is their top beauty secret… which is also why it’s won over 100 awards since we launched in 1995.

Bringing skin into bloom, Cleanse & Polish has a special new twist this summer, with our new Cleanse & Polish Orange Flower & Chamomile Limited Edition. Already much feted as the skincare star of your Liz Earle summer, many of you are particularly commenting on the soft, clean, exquisite aroma of English chamomile and gentle yet refreshing orange flower – comforting and reviving in equal measures. This summer essential will have you falling in love with Cleanse & Polish all over again – it’s definitely my favourite limited edition! A new twist on your favourite daily essential, it will calm and soothe your spirits, and really motivate you to cleanse for longer, or try a double cleanse (with lots of fingertip massage), to give skin a real summer workout. The gentle, warm aroma of chamomile is quintessentially British – it’s the comfort of a warming traditional afternoon tea, of the beautiful chamomile that flourishes naturally in the countryside around us. It’s soothing to the senses – a true rebalancing, re-centring aroma. And that’s just the smell!

Of course, with Cleanse & Polish, removing SPFs and melting off make up is effortless and the core formulation is the same. So, keeping thirsty skin in balance is easy with the rich cocoa butter base; the clever muslin’s gentle exfoliating action helps keep skin flake-free and soft, whether you’re tanning or not. Imagine what’s sitting on your skin’s surface – sebum, sweat, pollutants, dirt, make up – it really isn’t a very pretty picture, is it? Do make sure you keep your skin clean and clear, summer-long, with this – the most awarded cleanser in the UK – literally transforming the routine of cleansing into a wonderful ritual, something to be enjoyed (yes really) and looked forward to!

P.S. Please don’t forget to change your muslins regularly! This is the key to the gentle exfoliation phase of our Cleanse & Polish. I’d recommend replacing your muslin cloths each time you start a new Cleanse & Polish, just so you don’t lose any of that brilliant buffing power!

Posted by Caroline on June 6th, 2014

I never tire of talking about Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – the humble skincare hero that’s the star of our botanical skincare range. With well over 10 million sold and one selling every 23 seconds, Cleanse & Polish has truly taken on a life of its own. Last month, we were thrilled to reach an exciting new landmark – 100 awards for our beauty icon, marking Cleanse & Polish as the most awarded cleanser in the UK.

Women and men across the globe choose to have our trusty cleanser delivered monthly – across time zones, climates, humidity, skin type, skin colour, across the equator and even to the Artic. What makes this simple cleansing regime such a secret that you just have to share it? Like you, I’ve officially and unofficially spread the word, in my role as Brand Ambassador and passionate Cleanse & Polish fan across the past two decades, during what time I’ve travelled the world with work and met so many new fans along the way. The beauty press love it too – it’s what many choose to use in their personal time to cleanse.

From the most extreme to the most gentle of uses – here are just some of our more remarkable Cleanse & Polish tributes from customers:

  • One of our wonderful British soldiers serving in Afghanistan emailed us a photo of his night-time camouflage combat gear, protective helmet… and his Cleanse & Polish (for removing his face camouflage after his mission).
  • Soon after we launched in 1995, customers wrote to tell us that it was transforming the removal of children’s party face paints – as with the army camouflage, it’s the simple science of oil breaking down oil.
  • My stopover flight to Sydney, at Singapore: three of us in a row – all strangers – at the airport basin for a quick cleanse with… Cleanse & Polish! We all looked at one another and laughed.

And of course, in between these uses, whole generations of women choose this trusty daily cleanser, month after month, year after year, and recommending to their daughters, their girlfriends, their colleagues and their menfolk. Hence why we launched our Men’s Cleanse & Polish back in 2008 (our fabulous botanist James is himself a staunch fan).

So from plantsmen, supermodels and top Hollywood actresses… to whole legions of mere mortals like you and I – it truly is an icon we regularly call on and have grown to love. It was you, in fact, who first called it an ‘icon’, who elevated it to its legendary status – the pinnacle of the UK cleansing awards. So many new cleansers launch every week, yet ours has stood test of time.

And guess what, just as we finish celebrating 100 awards, we’ve just scooped no. 101 – the CEW award for… ‘Best Cleanser:Prestige’. I can’t wait to celebrate 20 years next year, and see what number we reach then!

But what is the secret? Well… it never lets you down, it always delivers, it’s so quick yet so luxurious. And it works for everyone that you know. However you like to cleanse, it appeals.

Posted by Caroline on June 4th, 2014
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The secret to truly radiant, healthy-looking skin isn’t only in the products you use – as a facialist, I know that how you apply your skincare matters just as much too. See the difference for yourself and try these four naturally active techniques to bring a fresh, new feel to your skincare regime…

The sunrise

Just as your neck and shoulders carry tension, stress can also show itself through pent up facial muscles and worry lines. Facial massage is a wonderful way to keep those muscles relaxed and skin looking smoother, but depends on being practiced regularly for results – ideally every day, twice a day. That’s why this tension-busting technique is perfect with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Try this:

  1. Warm one pump of Cleanse & Polish between fingertips then work it over the face and forehead using small, firm, circular motions – this will help relax muscles from multiple angles.
  2. Use small, circular motions with your knuckles along and under the jaw and beneath cheekbones. Apply a slightly deeper pressure here.
  3. Spend at least one minute doing this each time you cleanse – adding a little water will help the massage last longer.

The butterfly

When applying your moisturiser, use the entire surface area of your hands in symmetrical ‘butterfly wing’ motions. This technique is superior to using your fingertips only as it ensures your moisturiser is massaged evenly over skin (so your make up sits impeccably) and also minimises the chances of accidentally skipping areas too.

Try this:

  1. Take a blueberry-sized amount of your preferred Skin Repair Moisturiser or Superskin Moisturiser and warm between your hands.
  2. Massage from neck upwards, using the length of your fingers over the cheeks, chin and forehead in symmetrical gliding strokes.
  3. Finish by sweeping the heels of your hands slowly upwards from the jawline with a steady pressure to stimulate circulation for a rosy glow.

The raindrop

Because skin around the eyes is significantly thinner than elsewhere, using swift ‘pitter-patter’ motions with fingertips is the best way to apply eye products. More gentle than rubbing which can drag delicate skin, it’s a useful technique which can also help puffiness too and rejuvenate tired-looking eyes.

Try this:

  1. Warm one pump of Smoothing Line Serum between the pads of your index, middle and ring fingers on each hand, then gently ‘drum’ the serum over the under-eye area, moving from the inner to the outer of eyes for a minute each morning.

The midnight rose

As well as being soothing before bedtime, facial massage stimulates blood flow which brings a nutrient boost to skin cells, helping to restore a glowing complexion by morning. This technique is easy, even if you’re feeling tired, and combined with our divinely aromatic Superskin Concentrate, will help scent you into a glorious beauty sleep.

Try this:

  1. Apply one pump of Superskin Concentrate over the face and neck, then press your thumbs against your inner brows. Push up and hold for 10 seconds.
  2. Use your index and middle fingers to push up under cheekbones, press and hold for 10 seconds then glide out.
  3. Pinch along the jaw with the thumb and forefinger. Hold each point for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Don’t forget to treat your neck too – press and hold all your fingers under the collarbone and work outwards for blissful relaxation.

Psst! My 30-second brightening secret for skin

Brightening Treatment Mask never fails to perk up my complexion and works in as little as 30 seconds. If my skin is really struggling with fatigue, then while the mask is on, I use brisk ‘pinching’ actions with my thumb and forefinger over my face to give its surface an intense brightening nudge.

Posted by Abigail on May 9th, 2014
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As the mum of two young sons, aged four and one, there’s only one thing on my Mothering Sunday wish list – a lie in! However, as the clocks go forward that morning, sadly that’s even less likely than usual. I do love having the chance to say thank you to the significant women in my life though, spending some time to reflect on what I have learnt from them and how they continue to support me in all that I do.  I am fortunate that this includes not only my own my mum, but also my grandmother and these days my mother-in-law as well.

In fact, it was my mum who introduced me to Liz Earle a few years ago, prior to my wedding, treating me to the daily essentials of cleanse, tone and moisturise to help get my skin ready for my big day. We’ve both been big fans ever since, loving the fuss-free simplicity of the products, but also the element of pampering luxury that the products bring to our daily skincare routine. Since then I have also introduced the range to my mother-in-law, who has found our Superskin range particularly beneficial to her very dry skin, as well as my grandma, who loves the luxury of our delicately scented products.

I am absolutely thrilled that this Mothering Sunday I can introduce my mum to the delights our new Indulgent Bath & Body collection. The perfect thank-you present for all marvellous mums, I know that she’ll love both the gentle Creamy Shower Nectar and the sumptuous Silky Body Lotion.

My mother-in-law is the gardener of the family, helping to put right my horticultural mishaps and keeping the family provided with beautifully fragrant flowers and wholesome home-grown vegetables from her stunning garden, which looks out across the tranquil Solent. So I’ve decided to treat her hardworking green fingers to two hero products – our multi-tasking ‘emergency skin salve’ Superbalm, which can be used to condition nails and cuticles as well as dry skin on hands, elbows and lips – and Superskin Hand Serum, which leaves hands looking visibly plumper, smoother and more rejuvenated with a potent botanical blend.

For my grandma, now well into her eighties, I could think of nothing better than the perfect partnership of our rich Hand Repair and Orange Flower Hand Wash, two of her favourite products which will take pride of place in her bathroom. My grandma’s home is very much the hub of our family life, frequented by her two children, five grandchildren and now her four young great-grandchildren as well. Our delicately fragranced Orange Flower Hand Wash is perfect for washing the hands of her keen little helpers or removing all traces of chocolate buttons sneaked behind mum and dads’ backs!

Wishing all you mums out there a wonderfully relaxing (and well-deserved!) Mother’s Day,

Lucy x

Posted by Lucy on March 30th, 2014
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It was wonderful to be back in the studio last week with the QVC team to celebrate 18 happy years on-air with Britain’s number one shopping channel! I especially enjoyed working with so many old friends, including our own lovely Caroline Archer and gorgeous model, Debbie Flett. It was quite an emotional trip down memory lane, remembering so many highlights over the years – from countless on-screen fits of the giggles with QVC presenter Jilly Halliday, to reminiscing over our first ever QVC sell-outs with Julia Roberts. It was also good to work with Chloe Everton for the first time and introduce her to so many of our classic best-sellers, many of which I was delighted to discover are already part of her own beauty routine. Off-air, Chloe showed me her travel bag, literally packed with Liz Earle beauty products and clearly her genuine personal favourites. Thank you for all the wonderful messages you’ve sent to the team and me over these very special few days – we do so appreciate hearing from you.

The last year has been an especially busy one for me personally, with the launch of my charity LiveTwice and setting up many of its projects, both in the UK and overseas. LiveTwice works with the disadvantaged in society to offer opportunity in a range of areas. We’ve established a home-from-home respite care house for children in the West Country as well as working with under-privileged young people in Gorton, Greater Manchester. We’ve set up community centres in Italy and Kenya, and a project to help destitute street children in East Africa. I’ve spent so many years travelling on research and field-trips that I’ve come across many areas of extreme need. It’s been wonderful to work with people dedicated to improving the lives of others, providing not just a hand-out but a practical hand-up in so many ways. I’m especially delighted that my eldest daughter Lily, now a newly qualified teacher, joined me as a Trustee with a special focus on youth work and social impact projects. She really is a rising star.

My travels in recent months have taken me back to Africa, not only for LiveTwice, but also as a newly appointed patron of Ace Africa. This amazing charity supports HIV-Aids orphans and vulnerable children, providing nutritious food and medical welfare. The Ace Africa team spends much of their time out in rural communities, teaching sustainable farming skills, such as how to grow vitamin-rich vegetables in space-saving containers, such as this hessian sack garden. Just a few, small, recycled sacks filled with homemade compost can help feed a family with nutritious food for weeks. It’s all about sharing the skills that make communities sustainable and self-supporting, improving quality of life where there is no official welfare provision – and something I hope to focus more on in the future.

My other future projects include exciting new product developments for the Liz Earle Beauty Co. I am so delighted to be back amongst the talented team here to bring you more of what we all expect – namely outstanding beauty products that really do deliver great results for us all. As a company, we’re all looking forward to celebrating 20 years of Great British Beauty next year, so watch this space for some truly wonderful new innovations and excitement.

Best wishes,


Posted by Liz on March 27th, 2014
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My name is Rebecca Taylor, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with Liz Earle on the new Special Edition Cleanse & Polish Rose and Lavender.

Earlier this year, I jumped at the chance to be mentored by Liz as part of The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow campaign, which is all about inspiring young people at a time of record youth unemployment.

Together, we’ve created a Special Edition of the best-selling Cleanse & Polish which will be sold to raise money for The Prince’s Trust – a charity that is very close to my heart.

When I first came to The Trust, I was at my lowest point. At 21, I was made redundant from my job in retail, which left me unable to pay my rent. I was also expecting my first baby, and had no choice but to sleep on my grandma’s sofa.

However, The Trust gave me a second chance, and with their help, I set up my own beauty salon in Doncaster. Five years later I now employ eight young women in my hometown and have big plans for the future.

Working with Liz over the last few months has been an amazing experience. I’ve been involved in the new Cleanse & Polish from start to finish – visiting the Liz Earle head office on the Isle of Wight numerous times and even travelling to Geneva for the print trials of the new packaging.

Liz is an incredible role model for a young businesswoman like me – showing that anything is possible through passion, determination and hard work.

I am incredibly proud to have my name on this Special Edition Cleanse & Polish Rose and Lavender, and I hope you will love it just as much as I do!


P.S. Find out more about The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow campaign at and in our latest Liz Earle’s Beauty Insider.

Posted by Rebecca on September 6th, 2012

Juggling work with family life? Thinking of starting a business? In this interview, I ask Liz for her words of wisdom on being a female entrepreneur.

Rebecca: Many of us know that one of the main reasons you created a natural skincare range was because you suffered with eczema, but how did you start out in the beauty industry?
Liz: It was a coming together of various early experiences. My father was a very keen plantsman and I spent many happy hours as a child in the garden with him. I was then given a Vogue beauty book by my Grandma when I was fifteen, which opened my eyes to the wonderful world of health and beauty, and I was especially intrigued to read about how botanicals can boost wellbeing and influence how we look and feel. I got my very first job at Molton Brown, the hairdressing and beauty company, so worked in the industry very early on. This quickly led to writing for women’s beauty magazines, and my love of research and writing took off from there. I moved from magazines to books, which allowed more time and space for researching what I was passionate about, and was later invited to be part of Richard and Judy’s team on This Morning, which is how I became involved in broadcasting.

Rebecca: What do you feel are the benefits of running your own business?
Liz: An entrepreneur starts with a passion, and running your own business is an opportunity to focus your time and your talent on what you care passionately about and what really interests you. I once heard a successful entrepreneur say that if you work in a field you absolutely love, you never do a day’s work in your life and that every day is a joy. I don’t know if that’s 100% true but it certainly helps! It goes a long way to make work really rewarding, as well as being fun.

Rebecca: The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome is juggling my son Harry and managing my workload, which pulls on my heartstrings. In the early days, did you feel the strain of being a working mum?
Liz: Women tend to be multi-taskers, and there is inevitably a juggling of family, relationships, work and running a household that, in my experience, does seem so often to be picked up by women. In some ways, running your own business can be a real benefit, as you can choose working hours that suit your home life. When Kim and I first started working together, we had young children, so we would work during school hours, take a break between 3 and 7pm to do school pick up, tea, bath, homework and bed, then start again at 7pm and work until early hours of the morning. It can work very well but you have to be aware that you end up doing the equivalent of two or three full-time jobs, so you have to have a lot of stamina and staying power, and be truly motivated and believe in what you are doing because it’s extremely time-consuming.

Rebecca: What is your advice for young entrepreneurs just starting out?
Liz: Know your subject inside-out, back-to-front and then some more. Many people have a good idea, but you really need to know your subject and I cannot emphasize that enough. It’s not enough just to read what’s online as there is so much poorly researched information on the web. You need to be really sure of your sources, particularly if you’re going to base a business on it, so reading reputable peer-reviewed factual journals is a good starting point, otherwise you may be building something on the wrong premise. I would also recommend not chasing profit, but chasing happy customers instead. If you produce something people love and provide it to them with good service, they will buy more and tell others, and that‘s how a healthy business grows. Our motto ‘crawl, walk, run’ is very important. Don’t do feel pressurised into doing something just because someone’s saying it has to be now. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and say “well if it has to be now, it has to be no.” Going too quickly is not always the strongest way to build a business.

Rebecca: I believe the key to having a successful business is to take a notebook to bed. How do you manage to be organised running a business and having a family?
Liz: I’m a compulsive list-maker and also keep a series of small notebooks in which I try and write everything down so I don’t forget. There’s so many different things going round in my head, whether its notes for the boardroom, or checking the contents of the fridge to see if there’s enough milk, or did somebody feed the dog. For me, writing everything down on paper helps enormously. I also try and delegate as much as possible. I used to try to do everything myself, but I’ve now realised that I simply can’t do that. At Liz Earle Beauty Co. we’re very fortunate that, as we’ve grown, we’ve gathered a big team of specialists and that has hugely helped us to share the load. For any early business, it’s important to accept all offers of help wherever they come from, whether it’s a neighbour offering to do the school run, or walk the dog or pick up some shopping. Grab every offer with both hands from friends and family who are around. I try to get the children to help with simple things like tidying their rooms or emptying the dishwasher as much as possible, and we keep star charts to keep the smaller children motivated!

Rebecca: Why do you and Kim support The Prince’s Trust?
Liz: From day one, we’ve had a charity programme running, as we’ve always wanted to put back. As women with children, our focus was always to help young people, and women and young children in particular. The Prince’s Trust is very much about enabling young people to get on in life and to have the opportunity to start their own business, so it was a natural fit for us. As a business, we’ve seen the benefit of mentoring. It’s very common for someone to join our team and go on training programmes, and work their way through the company in various departments, and it’s been enormously rewarding to see people come in, learn, develop and grow. We were delighted to take that opportunity further outside our own company with The Trust. We’ve seen first-hand the work they do and the lives that have changed, and I think if you care about the society that we live in, you really want to see an improvement and a chance for change, particularly for the next generation, building strong businesses for the future just as we’ve had the opportunity to build ours.

Posted by Rebecca on September 6th, 2012

This year is proving to be a truly spectacular one for Britain: we have had the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Wimbledon, and of course – still can’t quite believe it’s finally here, after all our eager anticipation – the Olympic Games 2012!

For so many of us, our memories are often interwoven with the very essence of Britishness itself. Our team asked me recently what I love about being British and for me, it is about the countryside itself. I love the variety of rural England – my husband and I share a love for exploring the Great British outdoors with our young girls. For those of you keen to explore the Isle of Wight, it really is a mini version of England with coasts, pretty towns and glorious rolling countryside. One of the other things that I value about being British is our tolerance – we are fair and open as a society, something that I don’t think we always recognise often enough as a nation. There are lots of fab things about being British!

We know that so many of you are excited by all these festivities ahead, how could we not celebrate with you? Based on your choices, we’ve lovingly hand-picked a selection of your multi award-winning favourites – fittingly called our ‘Great British Award Winners Kit’. Here, you’ll find your very own British skin-saving heroes, which will come to the rescue for every skin type, age, colour and condition, and of course, all sent from British soil on the sunny Isle of Wight, where we have always been based.

  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t rate this in their top three Liz Earle products of choice; rich and hard-working, this keeps skin in tip-top condition no matter how unpredictable the summer weather!
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic – Our most versatile must-have to refresh, cool, uplift, de-stress, re-motivate and reinvigorate senses even the weariest of skins. Use as a toner twice daily, or to refresh anytime, anywhere.
  • Superskin Moisturiser – The perfect SOS-sized pot to revive parched summer skin, come rain or shine. Super speedy, super luxurious, super botanicals – this is on everyone’s lips (and face) for its instant comfort factor.
  • Gentle Face Exfoliator – The masterpiece of our treatments range, designed to efficiently yet pleasurably remove the skin’s natural build-up of sebum and impurities; effortlessly leaving skin feeling flawless, fresh and full of life.

Have a wonderful summer and do share your celebration stories with us here and on Facebook (with photos, please!)

P.S.  Our Great British Award Winners Kit is available for a limited time only!

Posted by Caroline on August 1st, 2012

Since day one, our botanical skincare range has been shaped by priceless feedback from our customers, so we’re especially delighted to have won three new awards voted for exclusively by you! I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us in this year’s QVC Beauty Awards – it’s wonderful to hear just how much you enjoy using the products that we’ve lovingly created, and particularly thrilling to claim these accolades against such stiff competition.

I’d like to share a little more about our ‘fabulous three’ with you…

Best Facial Cleanser – Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Cleanse & Polish has become something of a beauty icon since we launched it over 15 years ago. Our concentrated yet gentle formula has stayed the same since day one, delivering exceptional results on all skin types, and is now a daily essential for women in over 100 countries worldwide. This is Cleanse & Polish’s 83rd award – testament to its enduring success.

Best Anti-ageing Product – Superskin Concentrate
Our ‘golden elixir’ is a night-time treat for all skin types, featuring a potent blend of 100% pure plant oils to visibly improve the appearance of your skin. When applying, I always cup my hands around my nose and take a few deep breaths – this lets me enjoy the relaxing aromatherapeutic benefits of Superskin Concentrate before I massage it into my face. Massage any excess product into your hands and let them benefit too!

Best Eyecare Product – Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion
You’ll always find a bottle of our soothing eye lotion in my fridge – it’s a cooling treat first thing in the morning and perfect for calming puffy eyes. I use it on my entire family! Eyebright contains a botanical blend of eyebright, cornflower, witch hazel and aloe vera, which work together to soothe, refresh and revitalise your eyes.

This is the fourth year the QVC Beauty Awards have been running, and we’re pleased to have won both ‘Best Facial Cleanser’ every year since they launched.

Posted by Caroline on July 30th, 2012