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As Learning and Development Manager – Retail, every day I work with Liz Earle Customer Advisors across the UK to ensure that they have everything they need to give you great skincare advice and second-to-none service.

It’s a fantastic, rewarding role and I particularly enjoy getting to know our customers and their skincare issues. Over the years I’ve spoken to guys of all ages about their specific skincare concerns, so I thought it was about time I shared the secret of healthy-looking skin for men.

When we launched Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare for Men, we wanted to create a quick, no-nonsense range of grooming essentials that really work for all skin types. Men’s skin is different to women’s – it tends to be thicker and oilier, and we also have the additional pleasure of shaving! All in all our skin is perhaps more problematic than women’s, but the good news is that it responds really well to a simple daily routine. Don’t worry, though; great-looking skin needn’t require hours of grooming or cost a fortune. In fact, with our three-step regime, it couldn’t be easier, quicker or more effective.

Here’s my quick guide to achieving a clearer complexion and enjoying the ultimate shave experience.

1.    Cleanse
First and foremost, it’s important to keep your skin clear of dirt and grime, so our
Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is your first port of call. Quick and easy to use, this rich yet refreshing cream contains purifying eucalyptus to keep nasties at bay and chamomile to soothe and calm skin, while the pure cotton muslin cloth gently yet effectively exfoliates for smoother, softer skin. If you’re short of time in the mornings, try using Cleanse & Polish in the shower to maximise time and minimise effort. The heat of the shower also helps to soften bristles, which makes shaving easier.

sensitive-shave-cream2.    Shave
My first shaving rule is that you should use a sharp good quality, triple blade razor. Shaving with a blunt razor makes the whole process more time consuming and less comfortable.

Our Sensitive Shave Cream is formulated especially to give you a close, clean, smooth shave. The naturally active formula contains shave grass, renowned for soothing the skin, and eucalyptus to help purify.  Apply a pea-sized amount of cream; add water and work well to create the foam. If you need more foam, continue working or add a bit more water, not more product. Personally, I find using a shave brush really effective; you’ll find a reliable selection in good department stores.

When shaving, use water as hot as you can comfortably stand and make sure you rinse the razor between strokes to keep the blades clean. You can find more handy tips in our shaving guide.

When the daily grind permits, use our hot shave towel before shaving to help soften bristles, and follow your shave with our men’s Face Scrub, packed with jojoba beads and pumice stone granules to keep pores clean and clear and to help avoid issues such as ingrown hairs. Use a small amount on wet skin and rinse off with warm water to reveal instantly brighter and healthy-looking skin.

after shaving moisturiser3.    Moisturise
A great moisturiser is a grooming must-have. Many gents are put-off by using a moisturiser as they find them too heavy and greasy on their skin. Our After-Shaving Moisturiser is a perfectly matt, easily absorbed formula which contains self-heal to help soothe small nicks and razor burn, while the clever balance of avocado and borage oil keeps skin soft and smooth. Use twice a day, morning and night – and don’t forget to use it all over your face, not just in the beard zone.

So, there you go – healthy-looking skin really is that simple. In a matter of a few minutes, your complexion is transformed and you’re ready to face the day ahead.

Whether you’re only beginning your grooming regime or perhaps just need help choosing the right products, our talented team are here to assist and advise you. Simply pop in to one of our stores, call us on 01983 813913 or email

For those of you men out there who own a car, you are likely to understand the importance of treating it with respect: cleaning it, feeding it with the correct fuel, and polishing it daily to protect its delicate exterior. So why is it that when it comes to skin grooming, so many men will refuse to use anything other than soap? Guys, it is very simple… your skin is the largest organ on the body and without the correct care and attention it could eventually end up looking like an old banger rather than a pristine supercar!

What’s wrong with a bit of soap and water?
With my wedding only 3 months away, I have been busy caring not only for my skin, but also my fiancé’s. It wasn’t an easy job convincing a police officer that he should swap his 1-minute soap and water routine for an extra 4 minutes in front of the mirror every day (in his opinion, not very macho!). But once I’d explained how a skincare routine can really affect the functions of the skin and how shaving and alkaline-based soaps can aggravate, he agreed to replace his bar of soap with our Liz Earle for Men Cleanse & Polish. As soon as he noticed the difference it made to his skin, he couldn’t wait to try the rest of our Men’s range and was very impressed with the results. He no longer has redness (caused by shaving) and his skin looks healthier and even younger!  He is constantly admiring his ‘new face’ and has now set about trying to convert his fellow officers!

Skin Maintenance
Liz describes cleansing as ‘the cornerstone of skincare’ and I totally agree.  Before shaving, a good cleanse will lift off dirt and grime, make shaving less irritating and clear your skin of nasty bacteria. When shaving, don’t forget to use a clean razor (old, rusted razors must be binned!) and shave in the direction your beard grows. Our Sensitive Shave Cream has been formulated to help you achieve a closer, smoother shave, whilst soothing and calming the skin. For a really close shave my top tip would be to soak a towelling cloth in hot water first and then press this against the face. Leaving on the skin for just over 30 seconds can expand the hairs by up to a third and make them much easier to cut. To reduce painful in-growing hairs, exfoliate with our Face Scrub after shaving. Finally always apply After-Shaving Moisturiser; it contains a herb extract called self-heal to help soothe small razor cuts and razor burn quickly, plus seals in moisture to help make your skin appear smoother, softer and younger-looking.

Once you have got the hang of your skin grooming routine, don’t forget your eye area (women always notice this).  Apply a pea-sized amount of Daily Eye Repair along the eye bone socket every morning over your moisturiser.

So guys, if my blog has inspired you to re-think your grooming regime and you want to find out more about Liz Earle For Men why not join us on 19th June at our London flagship store for our men’s skincare event. Alternatively we have great skincare advisors who are always on hand to answer any grooming questions you may have and all you have to do is email them on or call 01983 813913 and they’ll be happy to offer you practical advice.

Happy grooming!