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Boost your January mood


It’s January and as normal life resumes, a positive mind set is vital for starving off the infamous post-festive slump. From simple relaxation tips to rustling up delicious dishes that counteract the chill, here are my top five feel-good ways to make a cold January that little bit more inspiring.


Book in some bath time bliss
The first week back at work can knock the stuffing out of you after a restful Christmas. Here, a bath is the ultimate antidote. Dim the lights, burn a candle and take five minutes to practice some mindful breathing exercises – I leave my mobile phone in another room for some uninterrupted me time. Afterwards, envelop skin with a luxurious body oil and get an early night. Come morning, you’ll feel ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.


Get your beauty routine in place
Soothing and nourishing is exactly what your skin needs at this time of year. Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser is my saviour when it comes to combining beauty and feelings of wellness – you can see the difference instantly which is really encouraging, plus when I take the time to massage it in for a short time every now and again, it helps me to switch off and relax. It’s mindful beauty at its best.


Take a trip to the beach
With sunshine lacking during a chilly January, it’s important to make the most of natural daylight when you can. For me a trip to the coast works wonders and I have real soft spot for Jersey, and the Isle of Wight of course! On a cold but sunny day, a blast of coastal fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs, and the change in scenery revives my senses – just be sure to wrap up warm.


Rustle up a delicious dish
For me, an afternoon spent in the kitchen is the perfect way to wind down and experiment. Mastering a colourful and nutrient-dense recipe really instils a sense of achievement. I love cooking to upbeat music, I feel like the queen of my kitchen and it helps to take the pressure off the final result! Sharing your finished dishes with friends also makes for a cosy yet fun-filled evening.


Find the motivation to move
Exercise is a brilliant way to flood the body with feel-good endorphins. From succumbing to the call of your yoga mat for a mere 20 minutes a day, to trying a new dance class at your local gym, raising your heart rate can boost your mood and clear your mind. I always try to get out for a walk daily…


Sarah x

Sarah Carr, Lifestyle Ambassador

Sarah Carr, Lifestyle Ambassador

Sarah’s role is a varied one – over the course of a week you may find our very own health coach and facialist sharing her expert skincare wisdom as she trains our store staff, presenting one of our specialist shows on QVC, heading up one of our festival crews, or even on her mat teaching a yoga class at our island HQ – she’s a qualified yoga instructor too!

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