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20 reasons I love coming home for Christmas


  1. Stealing bits of roast potato – everyone loves their Mum’s roasties best! The caramelised texture is just heavenly.
  2. Wrapping my girls’ stockings next to a roaring fire while sipping a seasonal Stone’s ginger wine.
  3. The crisp crunch of frost underfoot whilst we scatter reindeer food on the drive.
  4. The little cold pink faces of my girls after the crib service as walk home.
  5. The post-Christmas rustling up of evening food – the doorstop sandwiches with chutneys, to cheeses and cold meats – all topped off with the obligatory straight-from-the-fridge Irish cream brandy to sip.
  6. Watching old sitcoms from decades gone by on the sofa and laughing together with parents and grandparents.
  7. Board games with kids – discovering new board games as they grow each year. We still love Guess Who in our family.
  8. A candlelit bath, very early on Christmas Day listening to the morning service on Radio 4 before the children wake.
  9. Deliberating over the glistening, sparkly, party season nail polish topcoats in my local beauty salon (the only time of the year that I go ‘all-out’ sparkly!)
  10. The moment you take off your party heels (and your make-up with Cleanse & Polish™), and settle down for a cosy night in. The ‘chill-out’ with loved ones after the social bit of Christmas is really special family-only time.
  11. Ad-hoc ‘drinks and craic’ with fabulous close friends and neighbours, with raucous laughter lasting late into the evening.
  12. Catching your loved one’s eye over lunch or as gifts are exchanged, and feeling that warmth and the joy of deep mutual love.
  13. Watching my parents with my own children is incredibly special – reliving my own childhood memories, and feeling the special bond that the generations share. Christmas is ageless!
  14. The smell of a real (sustainably grown) Christmas tree.
  15. Hotly debating your favourite Christmas pop songs on the radio in the car.
  16. The emotion of the older generation sharing stories of their own youth – my grandfather used to tell us about his friend who died young in the Second World War. Christmas is about the poignancy of past recollections too.
  17. Choosing your Christmas Day outfit – party dress, Christmas jumper, designer heels or snowman earrings. I love the eclecticism of Christmas dressing.
  18. Listening to my little girls singing their hearts out during Christmas Eve mass – it really makes my heart burst (and my eyes water!)
  19. The cold of the winter air after the warmth of the house on the post-Christmas Day lunch walk. I just love this refreshing, cool pick-me-up after a heavy lunch.
  20. The first kiss of the morning from my girls on Christmas Day, and waking to hear them shrieking: ‘He’s been! He’s been!’ Nothing beats it.


Caroline x

Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador

Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador

In over a decade and a half at Liz Earle, Caroline has worked across many areas of the company, including our education and events teams. These days, her role as Brand Ambassador sees her making regular appearances on QVC, presenting our specialist shopping shows, or hosting customer events where her passion for our range never fails to shine through.

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