The Year Ahead…

Happy, healthy New Year to you! After you’ve taken down the decorations and spring cleaned your house, turn your attention to you.  The cumulative effects of Christmas (late nights, stress, parties, alcohol, over-eating, central heating, winter weather, changing sleep patterns, and just the sheer pressure of the countdown to the 25th) all show in the harsh light of a cold January morning.

Perhaps now is the first time you’ve had the chance to look at yourself properly, without the flattering haze of those Christmas fairy lights?! It could be your hair, your complexion or your nails that are suffering. Skin can appear pallid and grey, or may be showing signs of dehydration (dull, lifeless tone, fine lines more visible). After the warmth of Christmas, January can feel a bit bleak and austere – dieting, exercise, no alcohol… but you know what, investing properly in your skin is the best (and quickest) thing that you can do for its short and long-term health. If you watch our QVC shows or meet me in store, you’ll often hear me saying that you should invest in your skin, as you wear it for life. This is where we should spend our focus, alongside those necessities of diet and fitness.

Restore a natural bloom to your complexion with our trusty trio of skincare essentials – the secret to a gorgeous glow! A firm twice-daily regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising, the Liz Earle way, reveals radiant effects within days – yes days. Soft, comforted, clean, balanced skin – and the importance of doing it twice daily is fundamental to skincare success. Ask any of our therapists for their top New Year tips and they’ll tell you – be religious about your night-time cleanse, tone and moisturise regime. So many of us cut corners in the evening, but it’s vital if you want skin to look its best. There are no tricks with Liz Earle – the botanicals work in synergy with your skin and do the hard work.

January is the perfect time to start. It can all feel rather exhausting – dieting, exercising, going on the wagon… but just a couple of minutes, twice daily, and you’ll see a visible radiance when you catch your reflection in the mirror. And of course, there’s that boost you get when friends start to ask what your secret is – you look so healthy and glowing! So, the best New Year’s resolution of all is to add something positive to your life – the difference that is Liz Earle skincare.

For a super start to 2014, your skincare solution is simple – sit back and relax about your skin, as just being diligent about your twice-daily regime will reap huge dividends. The range is flexible and you can tailor your moisturiser to your skin’s needs – no other scary rules to remember. Isn’t that a more positive way to start the New Year?

PS. Please do share the stories of your Christmas gift recipients. Are your friends reaping the benefits of fabulous skin, thanks to you? Do tell!

Posted by Caroline on January 14th, 2014

6 responses to “The Year Ahead…”

  1. So lovely to meet you Caroline and the Liz Earle Team at the QVC Beauty Bash last week .
    As a long time user of the range to be told that I had ‘Liz Earle skin and hair’ really made my day !
    Thank you so much for the facial and warm welcome

  2. I am 60 years old and have been using your cleanse, tone and moisturise products for about 4 years after experiencing skin problems. Prior to this I had tried many different makes, some of which were expensive with no or very little response to my problem. I can’t believe the differnce in my skin since using Liz Earle, its amazing. I have recommended your products to two of my friends, one of which is 70 and the other 73 and they have both been extremely happy with the products. After trying some of the other products in your range, I asked my husband to buy me lots of Liz Earle for my Christmas present. I also decided to try the make up last year as we were going on a cruise for my 60th and wanted prducts I could trust. I now have signature foundation, cream blusher, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss all in your range and am extremely happy with these also. And both me and my husband love the shampoo and conditioner, tried by my husband after having a skin complaint. He won’t use anything else now. Thank you Liz Earle.

  3. Hi, I am in my early thirties and having spent a fortune on high end skincare brands I have come to the conclusion that Liz Earle is the best! Cleanse and Polish alongside the Toner are my true heroes! And the Botanical Hair Oil is something extraordinary for my and my daughter’s hair! It is sublime! Thank you for all that you create.

  4. I have been using Liz Earls products for years I had tohve a serious opreration for cancer [mouth] rang for advice because scarring on my face ,was informed of superskin concentrate, and oh boy you cannot see any scars at all, Iam 82 yrs old and am still using the full

    range icludding hair care IT IS ALL FAB

    Doreen H

  5. Hi im a 66 year old lady that has used your products for years, I love cleanse and polish.and all my family say i look a lot younger,so they all use it too,I bought all my girls your christmas gifts.years a go i always shopped ay Q V C but now wait for youe E-mails and get your special offers. Thank you for a great products kath x

  6. Having bought my 20 year old your make up brushes as part of her Xmas, along with some cleansing product we visited the Liz Earle counter at John Lewis, London on her birthday 2nd January. Having booked a make up consultation, your rep Danielle, gave her so much time and attention my daughter returned to the store a few days later to purchase more items. Can I say Danielle was patient, skilled and very informative. A real credit to the Liz Earle establishment. Already we can see a difference in my daughter’s skin.

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