Christmas Boosters

Stress, lack of sleep, over-indulgence (food, alcohol, late nights) – these all show immediately in your skin. With the busy party season almost upon us, here are my top tips on festive beauty corner-cutting.

cleanse-and-polishReclaim your radianceCleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is your saviour at this time of the year, but to really give partied-out skin the kiss of life, try our fast-acting
Brightening Treatment. Apply to skin and leave for two minutes (while you brush your teeth perhaps) for a zingy, skin-awakening whoosh that re-energises a colour-drained complexion.

Rehydrate Instant Boost Skin Tonic was made for hangovers! Keep a bottle in the fridge for extra skin cooling. Drench two cotton wool pads, place over apples of cheeks to instantly awaken and refresh skin, then let the gentle floral aroma ease you into the day ahead. Keep peepers fresh with Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion – perfect for revitalising jaded eyes, it’s one of our quick-fix cheats and also feels fabulous used straight from the fridge.

Disguise – If skin’s showing signs of stress (I defy anyone not to feel the stress level go up a notch over the festive season), let your botanical-enriched Liz Earle Colour come to the rescue. Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15 has won much-coveted beauty awards for a reason – because it’s wonderful for helping to even out uneven skin tones and leaves the complexion looking dewy and radiant. Try Light Reflecting Concealer in the inner corner of eyes, on either side of the top your nose and blend under brow bones for an instant wider-awake appearance. Frame the face by shaping brows with our Brow Pencil then use fingertips to add a dab of Healthy Glow Cream Blush. Finish with slick of Sheer Lip Gloss. So pretty, so fuss-free – these colour staples belie a tough start to any morning and are quick to apply on the go.

Boost your mood – Try starting the day with one of our three invigorating body washes…  Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash (a delicious floral-citrus), Energising Body Wash (a rosy hit of ‘wake-me-up’ energy), Liz Earle for Men Face and Body Wash (woody, warm and cocooning). Then choose your favourite Botanical Essence – No. 1 for its feel-good aroma, No. 15 for its seductive decadence or No. 100 for its floral burst of joy. Even if there’s no time for anything else, these wonderful scents will boost your mood as soon as you open the cap, or lift the glass lid.

Planning a duvet day? Run a hot bath, pop Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask on face, neck, décolletage and light your Eucalyptus & Rosemary Candle. Then lie back and let your favourite childhood memories of Christmas sweep over you. Dream of how you will create your own festive season to remember this year. After all, there’s no blueprint for a great Christmas – it’s all about enjoying the moment and taking the time to be with your loved ones.

Happy Christmas partying (and dreaming)!

Caroline X

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Posted by Caroline on December 10th, 2013

3 responses to “Christmas Boosters”

  1. Thank you for all your special offers, this Xmas I have given as many people as possible liz Earle presents and have also saved on the free presents. I am sure everyone will be more than pleased . I have been using liz Earle since she started on Qvc and still find it great for my skin.

  2. Cleanse & Polish is a must: especially because it cleanses not just the make up but the stesses of the day, followed by the brightening treatment its a must.I always keep the tonics in the fridge perfect for waking you up in a morning. thankyou to Liz

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